Tuesday, August 18, 2009


fasting month is just around the corner and insyaallah on 21st august we will start fasting...huhu i want to go home to celberate awal ramadhan with my family..huhu i dont want to breaking fast here in unicell..huhu i miss bazar ramadhan in larkin..

when we talk about bulan ramadhan the most popular thing that we talk about is the menu of breaking fast.. and i do have my favourite dish to break fast...
and the most favourite is air khatira abu bakar which we can only get in during the ramadhan and only in bazar ramdhan in jb... i think they should sell it in kl, easier for me to get it during bulan puasa

enak diminum begitu sahaja..emm campuran biji selasih, buah kabung, kurma dan bermacam lagi dicampur dengan susu cair then soda..huhu sungguh menyelerakan..we can only get it during bulan puase....

another menu that i always search during bulan puase is asma rojak larkin kalo kat penang we call it passembor..

the best is cucur udang yang sangat garing, fish cake, paru goreng, kentang rempah, telor rebus and macam2 lagi dimakan ngan kuahnye yg sangat lazat..huhuhu

emm another menu that i waiting for during bulan puase is nasi ambang or jawa pronounce it 'nasi ambeng'

sangat sedap if true javanese yang wat...

next, menu that i always list out is mee rebus stulang laut.. even though we can get it everyday i still want it for my breaking fast during ramdhan

dimakan ngan otak-otak kempas..lagi umpphhh

and last but not least my most favourite drink is teh tarik...

huhu i cant live without it man....huhu

kepada smue umat islam. selamat menyambut bulan ramadhan dan jangan lupe sembahyang terawikh..hehehe

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zul said...

sedap la dapat makan dpd aku ni penuh dgn minyak kapal(zul plkn sembrong)