Monday, April 13, 2009

confession of the broken dreams

Is anyone having tips on how to forget someone???? I don’t know what else I can do to forget him... I’ve tried so many times, so many ways but it still not working. The further I run away from it the closer its run back to me. I don’t know why, even though we are not meeting each other for quite a long time but I still remember him in every single thing I do. I kept dreaming about him and seems like I can’t get rid of him.

Actually I’m not so sure about my feelings towards him but I really miss him... Miss him like crazy… I don’t know why and I dun have any idea on it. I just want to forget him and get rid of him... But I can’t or maybe I just need some more time to erase all the memories or I need to find someone else that can make me forget about him...Hmm but I’ve tried it and seems that it doesn’t work out...

So for those who have been facing this problem before,, could u share some tips with me???