Monday, January 31, 2011


U can shed :'( dat she is gone,
or u :-) bcoz she has lived.
U can close ur eyes n pray dat she'll come back,
or u open ur eyes n see all she's left.
Ur ♥ can be empty bcoz u can't see her,
or u be full of the ♥ u shared.
U can remember her only that she is gone,
or u cherish her memory n let it live on.
U can cry n close ur mind,
be empty n turn ur back.
Or u do what she'd want:
smile,open ur eyes,♥ n go on.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

terima kasih

terima kasih kepada semua rakan-rakan dan lecturer
yang memberikan sumbangan untuk kami sekeluarga.
jasa baik anda amat kami hargai...
thanx again to dayah n kak ros
kerana sudi dtg ke rumah menjenguk dan memberikan semangat
trima kseh byk2..syg kamoo

insyaallah, sy akan pulang ke unisel
untuk meneruskan perjuangan
selepas raye cine ini..

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

selamat tinggal akhirnya

no words can describe how we felt
to let go for sum one that we love the most
semoga kami tabah menghadapi sme ni..
yes we have to be strong...

semoga roh Allahyarhamah
Zaharah Abdul Kadir
dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan dikalangan
org yang beriman..

Monday, January 24, 2011

innalillah hiwalillah hirajiuun

23.1.2011...sekitar kol 3 pagi
tbe2 abah kejutkan dr tdo
ckp yg mak sakit
n bile tuwon, n kejutkan mak
rupenye mak dh tinggalkan adik
untuk selama-lamanya..
DIA pergi tanpa ucap pe2 kata
tapi kami redha...
at least kami dh penuhi hampir semue permintaanNya

kehilangan org yg paling kite syg
mak yg telah mengandung, melahirkan dan membesarkan kita
jasanya hanya tuhan yang mampu balas...
kehilangannya memang tiada perganti
tiada kata2 yg dapat menggambarkan perasaan di hati
hanya hati yg dapat merasa segalanya
tp ak harus kuat
untuk lalui hari2 yg mendatang
walaupon kehilangan, kepahitan yg dirasai
tapi ak harus kuat dan tabah

terima kasih kepada semua yg hadir di majlis pengebumian
dan kepada semue yg hantarkan sms
takziah ..jasamu dikenang..terima kaseh for all your support
semuenye amat saya hargai
trima kseh byk2

mak, semoga mak ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman
adik janji, adik akan jadi anak yg baik
yang akan jage abah
dan berbakti untuk keluarga
terima kasih untuk segalanya MAK
hanya tuhan yg dapat balas Jasa Mak
adik cume mampu berDOA untuk mak


Saturday, January 22, 2011

great trip in jb

alhamdulillah, questionnaire was done successfully
52/52 was answered..
thank you so much for all the employees in production department
of yeos company for your contribution in fulfill the questionnaire
and thank you too madam suzana n miss farah
the hr executive from hr department
for willing to be interviewed and share
their knowledge in motivation and retention of the employees
really appreciate it
thank you for inconvenient.

with miss farah n madam suzana

me and miss farah during the interview
at yeo hiap seng office
gha, farah n me

..and last but not least thank you
to my bff from sigs
for so sporting to accompany me
for that interview
thank you so u guys
muah muah
hope berbaloi dpt mamam tutti fruitti
sbagai upahnyerrr

gha, farah n me

sdp skali


with juee

then we go to jusco tebrau for shopping
n gha blanje johnny..
thanx dear..kenyang sgt...

then shopping, sbb kaki sakit sgt, terpakse beli slippers..

farah dib jue

thanx again kepada semue yg terlibat
really have a great trip in jb
hahha mcm first time dtg jb lak..hahha
n one more good news..
sy diterima untuk praktikal di
lembaga perindustrian nenas
tp sy x accept offer lagi..
tunggu for another offer
but good to hear that i've accepted..

Friday, January 21, 2011


arrive jb at 745 pm..
mabuk sbb dh lme x nek bus...
blek jek muntah
ngade2 tol bdn ni..bru x smp stahun x nek bus
nak muntah2...huhu
today i have an interview with hr manager dr yeos tu
hope she will be ok..from her last email
she seems to get mad becoz i'm not following the procedure
to make an interview...sory sgt
but hope everything will be settle after this..huhu
wish me luck babe..
peace no war

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


one job done
my mandarin test was successfully done
and now stress begin again
i just got a reply from yeos company
about my questionnaire and interview
thanx god they willing to do
but they show some dissatisfaction
on the way i approach them
yeah thats my mistake
i jump into the procedure
sorry for that...
and i really shocked and afraid about it
wish me luck for the interview
this friday evening
hope it will going smoothly


one job done
my mandarin test was successfully done
and now stress begin again
i just got a reply from yeos company
about my questionnaire and interview
thanx god they willing to do
but they show some dissatisfaction
on the way i approach them
yeah thats my mistake
i jump into the procedure
sorry for that...
and i really shocked and afraid about it
wish me luck for the interview
this friday evening
hope it will going smoothly

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

need a space

I've lost my focus
dunno where myself goes..
yeah i'm normal in front of other people
but only god knows everything...

I've changed my number to digi
to all my peeps..i will let u know later...
plan to go back home to jb
ingat cm nk smbung smp rye cne..
i need a space for my self
yeah i know its crazy
but i really need a space...

Monday, January 17, 2011


yeah thats the end......

I've erased your number
I've deleted all your messages
throw ur YM into the trash

later on I will change my phone no..
dun worry bout that
I will keep my words n
I will not disturb ur life

the only things that i can't do
is to avoiding from meeting u
yeah but its only for this becoming three months
hope i have a strength
to cope with all this
yeah i'm hurt
my heart is broken
even it worst than before

but i promise to myself'
to stop crying for the useless thing
to stop hurting my self continuously
no matter what, i have to find the true myself
someone who is strong and keep holding on
in all the obstacles and circumstances,
someone who is egoistic and do not put any trust
from any liars out there

yeah...oh god i really rely on U
I don't want to lost focus
let me finish it what I've started
and pass it with flying colours
for the sake of my mom and my dad
just for themmmm

u tossed me in the trash

thanx for hurting me once again...
untuk kesekian kali, saya disakiti lagi
dengan alsan yg sangat bodoh
n because i'm a stupidest person in the world..
yeah kerana terus percaya dan mengharap
harap ker..not the exact word..yeahh
sy memang seorang yg baik
ape2 sy wat
sy mesti nak ingat kat die
sy xde niat pe2 cume nk ajak die untuk menonton wyg
tp die kte die busy n ingin menonton ngn bdk umah
its ok, i phm... but suddenly
i saw u with other gurl kat tmpt yg sme sy tgk
sy x kesah awk nk kuar ngn gurl lain
tp kenape dr dulu smp skrg awk x pnh ckp bnr
sme nye bhong blake
xpe lah awk..mungkin dh mmg nseb sy..
sy redha
tp jgn salahkan sy kalo sy x cr awk lg lepas ni
sy tau slame ni sy dh terlalu berlembut
dan kdg2 sy x kecian kan diri sy sndri
tp skrg sy sedar awk
diri sy msh kuat dan bukan untuk diperbodohkan
kalo awk rse bangga kerana dah berjaya sakitkan ati sy
sy ucapkan tahniah kerana dr dulu smp skrg
awk dpt a1 kerana xpernah gagal untuk sakitkan ati sy..
air mate sy ni x kering2 sbb awk...
sy tau sy bdoh
tp sy x nak tros trosan jd bdoh
ya allah kuatkan lah hambamu ini ya allah
hanya padamu aku berserah...ak de due bulan lg untuk ak troskan perjuangan ku ya alllah
ak mohon pdamu ya allah..
kau jauhkanlah perasaan ku drpnya
dan kau jauhkan lah die drku
hanya padamu ku berserah

Saturday, January 15, 2011


yess work is done
heheh supervisory slideshow is finish..huhu
so happy
just tinggal wat report jek
and study mandarin for the test..ayoyo
tatotnye..test die..hehehhe
wish me luck..

Friday, January 14, 2011

finally, 3 company dpt sy cri
untuk wat internship
sindora, johor corporation dengan lembaga nenas
emm hopefully they will accept me
yeahh hope so..
now turn to do supervisory assignment..huhu
pnt2...cuti pon cam2 keje nk wat
sabar jek la..huhu

Thursday, January 13, 2011


banyak2 fening lohh
xtau mne tempat nak wat internship
ari ni jek half day dh round area jb
search for company and office yg
nak praktikal student dlm berpuluh yg pergi
adelah 4 or 5 jek company yg nak..xpe la

just cube anseb hantar jek lah resume
mne tau diterima kan
hopefully dpt yg kat johor corporation tuuu

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


yummy, done with the mission today
pass..hehe to cook nasi tomato n briyani daging
yummy..hingga menjilat ke lutut..,
thats what i do bile i feel down n out
masak n makan
then mengemukkan badan
heheheh..makan n x mkn pon tetap gemuk so baik mkn kan..
pening nak memikirkan tempat mane nk wat internship
plus to done with my resume and application letter..heheh

briyani daging..yooo plus with telur

nasi tomato

salad and briyani..
lauk2 ni telah di luluskan oleh sirim
heheh credittt

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


If you have to separate from your love, you were never in love to begin with."

how hard I try to love other person
and create a new feeling
to other person in my life
i failed to create the feeling
and worst part is
when i had break other person heart
yeah , i'm such a heart breaker
but i didn't mean to do it
but I can't pretend to u anymore

when i starting a new relationship
i thought that i will love u
and forget my past and my heart break
but I can't. n i have tried
i dont feel the love..
i know u love me
but i can't love u babe
i'm sorry
sorry for ignoring u
but i have to...
sorry to say i'm breaking up with u
coz i cant lie to myself
and i dont want
to hurt u and myself...


Monday, January 10, 2011

bye2 mr M

waduh2 sakit plak kerongkong ni
selsema trok plak
n batuk kong2 plak...
dugaan dugaan
ujan jek kat cni
mcm salji xde mata ari lgsung
sejuk mengegel la..heheh
malas nk wat pe2
tp bile duk sowg2
mule lah berpk n terkenang kisah2 lame
duk kat tpi tgkap
tgk kat kolam
flash back kisah2 manis n pahit
pastu mule lah meleleh air mate..sedihhhh

emm xpe lah dib dh takdir hidup kite cm tu..
xpelah lagi cket jek bulan april ni
mungkin segala penderitaan sakit ati akan berakhir
dh bis dh study
n time to praktikal
n xakan ganggu hidup awk lagi
i will change my number
n kite akan lost contact..
ur gf or tnang ke x yah lah risau
sy x akna ganggu hidup sesiapa lagi
sy akan bwk diri sy jauh dh..
n itu mungkin kali terakhir kite akan jumpe...

huhu kalo la ae pil ilang ingatan sy nak mkn due biji supaya
sy dpt lupekan kenangan manis pahit sy ber sama si die

npe susah sgt untuk kite lupekan owg yg kite syg..
tuhan jek tau betapa syg nye syg pada die
walaupon die x pnh tau or buat2 xtau
sy x jumpe lagi insan lain yg dh
mencuri hati sy selain die..


semusim tlah kulalui
tlah kulewati tanpa dirimu
tetapi bayang wajahmu
masih tersimpan di ati

yeah..time goes on
and its 2011
but i'm still here
the old me

My heart is crying out for you

What the hell is happening to me- after all these years?

Can't count the tears; There's too many.

I don't know what to do.

There's a hole in my heart- A sharp pain in my head.

Something is missing inside; I feel like I'm dead.

I'm empty and it's something I can no longer hide,

Can't count the tears- That have yet to be cried

i wished that i could erase all the memories
so i will not feel the pain
and live happily
but how hard i tried to forget it
i failed to do it
and i'm hurt
but pretending to be okay
in front of other people
why cant it comes to an end??

Sunday, January 9, 2011


not felling well right now..
huhu jb mcm winter tau..
sejuk bebenor..tiap2 ari ujan
nk jumpe matahari susah
dh cmm duk kat scotland plak..
huhu i'm done with my questionnaire
so tomorrow nak sent 50 copy to yeos company
n wait for their response..
then tuesday johor public holiday
hari hol...
huhu so maybe i will start my driving class this wednesday..huhu
n time to proceed for another assignment
huhu..wish me luck...
this holiday x ley nak rht2 n enjoy2 sgt

Saturday, January 8, 2011


yesss, good to be back in jb
yeah arrived back home at 1.30 am
glad to be home..
but my mom is quite unwell
so i have to take care of her
but i'm in fever right now..
n plus flu n cough..
please get me well
i need to do some other important thing
i have to sent my questionnaire to yeos company this monday
taking my driving class
study for mandarin test
plus supervisory mgmt slideshow for present
yeah yeah
som many things to do
n i have to submit
yeahhh relax dib
it may be the last semester to strive
before u go fo the internship

emm yesterday, i quite excited for internship
when i follow my friend dayah to sheraton imperial hotel
for sending the questionnaire
and i got a chance to interview his hr manager
which is so friendly and supportive plus handsome..
yeah but he's married..
there are so many incentive and reward when working at this hotel
yeah but the only thing its in kl..i dun like working in kl
but now i'm started to search the places for internship

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

oh no, i'm started to burn out..
really tired exhausted, stress
really makes me out..
my allergic is getting worst, my body is itchy right now
busy with my project aper..
yeah begin to stress when the company
push me to courier the questionnaire by this week
while my supervisor is late to check my work..
huhu yeah..this is all about
when we deal with project paper..
cant wait for mid term holiday
want to finish up my license...
then to start to make other assignment
plus i have two test this week..tomorrow n friday
dunno when i can go other friend
busy with their work too..
huhu hope everything will going smoothly..

Monday, January 3, 2011


this week will be exhausted week
a ton of assignment + test
i want to settle my questionnaire
and start to divide to the employees in company
then summary for osha
plus will be two test this week before
mid term holiday...
ayoyo..really2 tired
but no matter what
i have to settle it\by hook or by crook
wish me luck..
miss my parent actually..
break the record
never go back home for 1 month..yeahhhh
homesick already
cant wait to be home

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'm sorry
doesn't mean to hurt u..
but I've tried to love u
to miss u
to accept ur self
but i can't adapt with it..
maybe we are not meant to be together
i'm sorry
i can't make it
thanx for ur love
but i think its better to tell
rather than to keep silence
and its still early before we go far...
i'm letting u go..
i'm sorry
i can't be with u..
i just prefer to stay single
and focus with my life...
i need a space for myself
for my future...
so its better for me
to be friends to all of them.
rather than to hurt u...
sorry, sorry and sorry