Tuesday, January 11, 2011


If you have to separate from your love, you were never in love to begin with."

how hard I try to love other person
and create a new feeling
to other person in my life
i failed to create the feeling
and worst part is
when i had break other person heart
yeah , i'm such a heart breaker
but i didn't mean to do it
but I can't pretend to u anymore

when i starting a new relationship
i thought that i will love u
and forget my past and my heart break
but I can't. n i have tried
i dont feel the love..
i know u love me
but i can't love u babe
i'm sorry
sorry for ignoring u
but i have to...
sorry to say i'm breaking up with u
coz i cant lie to myself
and i dont want
to hurt u and myself...


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