Saturday, January 22, 2011

great trip in jb

alhamdulillah, questionnaire was done successfully
52/52 was answered..
thank you so much for all the employees in production department
of yeos company for your contribution in fulfill the questionnaire
and thank you too madam suzana n miss farah
the hr executive from hr department
for willing to be interviewed and share
their knowledge in motivation and retention of the employees
really appreciate it
thank you for inconvenient.

with miss farah n madam suzana

me and miss farah during the interview
at yeo hiap seng office
gha, farah n me

..and last but not least thank you
to my bff from sigs
for so sporting to accompany me
for that interview
thank you so u guys
muah muah
hope berbaloi dpt mamam tutti fruitti
sbagai upahnyerrr

gha, farah n me

sdp skali


with juee

then we go to jusco tebrau for shopping
n gha blanje johnny..
thanx dear..kenyang sgt...

then shopping, sbb kaki sakit sgt, terpakse beli slippers..

farah dib jue

thanx again kepada semue yg terlibat
really have a great trip in jb
hahha mcm first time dtg jb lak..hahha
n one more good news..
sy diterima untuk praktikal di
lembaga perindustrian nenas
tp sy x accept offer lagi..
tunggu for another offer
but good to hear that i've accepted..

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