Monday, August 31, 2009

31 august

for almost 5 days 4 night i spend my time with my family back in my hometown jb it really makes me feel reluctant to go back to my 'beloved unicell'... oh god please give me a strength to survive there..huhu i dun noe why i always feel like this whenever i want to get back there..huhu and why i never feel happy for that...

four days berbuke puase at home really makes me feel like heaven... huhu heaven of food..poor to my mom coz kene bully to masak n masak for her beloved daughter..huhu naseb baik anak pompuan sorang....and plus four days berturut2..i had my air khatira for buke pose...huhu

there are the dishes that my mom cooks for me during these four days..huhu
day 1

soto ayam

day 2

mee siam singapore or we call it mee batu puteh bersama asma rojak or rojak mamak or rojak singapore or passembor if kat penang....

day 3

my mom special menu for this ramadhan... nasi beriani gham with ayam masak merah plus acar..huhu nyummy

and for day 4

fish and chip

huhu for all four days air khatira will be my routine drinks huhu

huhu for four days my abah bought 12 packets of air khatira only for her beloved daughter and of cos for my mom and my bro too..huhu

no word will describe the feelings when u breaking fast with ur family..with the food that ur mom specially cook for u..the feelings that u can't get it anywhere except in ur home sweet home....

so after this i've to learn to be a lil bit independent to survive in this ramadhan...i know i am a type of person who really cerewet about food and i can be moody just because of that..but i have to cope with all this no matter what..huhu
so before i'm going back to my hostel...i've bought some stock of food for sahur or even berbuke puase

sardines, macaroni, bubur, soon and many2 more

so counting forward for another two weeks to coming back home..because after this I've been busy for my replacement class for Hari Raya... so starting tomorrow i"ve to explore more at bazar ramadhan unisel to search for quality food that will suit my appetite...huhu

and last but not least i would like to wish happy 52nd independence day to Malaysia...Merdeka!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

home sweet home

emm this is the day that I'm waiting for.. i'm going back home to jb..yippie to buke puase with all the family members...after class at 12 we rushing for the bus before we get late but before that lets wear our mask for the protection... i dun feel really tired or exhausted maybe because i'm not going home by bus but my bro drove the car.. so on the way to jb i'm just having a nap..hehehhe

from 3.30 pm at serdang we arriving jb at 6.00 pm.. i can't imagine how fast my bro drove his car but it was so fast and early than what i had 6.15pm we arriving home and i had smell of my mom's soto..huhu nyum2 soto ayam is our special menu for today and not forgetting is my air khatira huhu that what i was craving for in every ramadhan..and i think i had my spirit already..huhu

but bfore buke puase, i went to check my weight and its amazing man, 9 days i dont eat rice... i lose 3 kg man..huhuh..its good for my target.huhhu but i dont think i would like to check my weight after berbuke becoz i know maybe it will rise than it lose..hahhahaha

so ari ni ialah ari yang penuh was first time berbuke puase dengan pnuh makanan yang lazat2..n no stress to think bout what i'm gonna have for buke puase because its already done by my mom..thanx mak..huhu mcm tau2 jek anak die cari soto..huhu..n now checking of what i'm gonna have for sahur plak...asyik2 makan cornflakes with today maybe gi pekena nasi lak..huhu

Thursday, August 27, 2009

one night only

One night

For the first time in this semester 4, I dun know why this is the day when I feel so depressed, down and out. I dun know y I’ve being moody all the day.. Maybe my homesick is coming. Two weeks spending in unisel really drive me crazy… n today I really mean it… I feel like getting angry to everybody evn though there do not do anything to me…so for those who makes me angry sorry for u..u choose the wrong day dude..

Later at night, my friends of mine asks me out to watch movie… so thinking and thinking I agree of that but we are going in group so I dun really have to worried..3 guys and two young ladies went out from unisel jungle to release their tension by watching movie and hanging out around the kl.

So we drive thru to one utama to watch movie..1130pm until 1 am we watch the movie for a while. I found it as quite interesting movies for me to release tension… Before we go through to other destination, we stop by to mamak restaurant
And having a cup of teh tarik and one roti kosong..but one thing that I realise about me lately.. I lose my appetite to eat of any kind of food..not only nasi but I dun know what happen to myself..huhu..

Then, after had refreshment from that mamak, we go to uptown damansara just for having fun and wasting our plenty time..huhuhu nothing much to buy because everybody was waiting for pt … huhu so everybody just having a nice window shopping..then our next destination is to have a shisha at one of the restaurant .. but not for me..i just follow them, actually one of them that having a shisha..huhu nothing much to do so we just borak2 n merepek2 to having fun…

Around 3am in the morning, we’ve done it… then thinking for the next destination…huhu so we just thinking to drive around the kl….huhu so our driver, act like a tour guide brought us to Jalan TAR, bangsar, and all the places around the kl..jalan2 tanpa hala tujuan…

By 4.45 am in the morning I was surrender and thinking of having a nap..huhu so I was really I had my nap for about one hour..before we arriving our beloved unisel at about 545 am in the morning and to wait for another 15min for the guard to open up the gates….

So 6am in the morning..i was arrived at the guard and was my on the way back to my room..i know my housemate must be worried because it was my first time to overnight outside the campus…

Huhu what I can say for my first time having an overnight outside the campus and hanging out around kl is fun and interesting but I know… I shouldn’t do that too often.. maybe I just let it be my experience as a student but not to do it as routine…
Thanx to all my friends, I really have fun last night….

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

coming home....yippie

i can't wait to go back home to my hometown..huhu i miss jb damn much...celebrating the ramadhan here in Unisel was so dull and boring..5 days ramadhan but i feel like its already 10 days . even though there also have bazar ramadhan here but the most of the menu for every stall is about the same... ayam, ayam n ayam... doesnt matter lah ayam goreng, ayam tomato , ayam percik..huhu.nasi ayam..sumenye ayam lohh... and now i've allergic on it.. ken pantang dr makan that's really makes me sick of it...but i really love the fruit juices juice, air mata kucing , tembikai and soya panas from my favourite stall that i call it "air abang sedap'...

so i decided to go back home instead of being crazy to spend my weekend here in unisel again..seriously, I have feel it man..n it was terrible..huhu everyday i was stress to think about what i gonna have for choice of food.. and now 8 days i never touch the rice huhu its not about to put on diet but i dont have appetite to eat rice during bulan puasa huhu...

thinking of jb for bulan puase huhu really makes me think about food, food and food..the slide show about the picture of air khatira, soto ,makaroni bakar, nasi beriani gham, asma rojak , mee rebus,mee hoon singapore always keep playing in my mind and i cant get rid of it....huhu astaga pe nak jadi dib..puase puase..huhu

craving for this makaroni bakar huhu


mee siam singapura

huhu really can't wait for this friday..huhu last chance for me to go back home to jb..because after this my weekend is packed with the replacement class and so jb here i come.... yippieee

Monday, August 24, 2009

2nd ramdhan

2nd day of ramadhan, I surrender to break fast at unisel because it was so dull and boring… so my friend and I decided to break our fast outside the campus… so we decided to go to Tesco Kuala Selangor to break our fast…so we arrived there around 6.25pm so its still early and we go shopping for a while..

Tesco is quite big hypermarket in Kuala Selangor but one think that makes me wonder is why so many things that I want to buy is out of stock… First life chilli sauce, then kicap kipas udang then hook for the wall are out of stock.. For such a big hypermarket like that I don’t think there is a reason out of stock…. Ai yooooo

After busy shopping, its already time to buy our meal for break no choice instead of KFC I decided to go to Hameed restaurant because I’m sick of eating fast food.. so I went to order the tarik, mee goreng mamak and one roti arab..hehhehe

8.30pm…Time to go back… and it was my first experience to travel by motorcycle.. huhuhu…alhamdulillah, because now I realise that I’m not really phobia or trauma to ride the motorcycle…hahhaha

Saturday, August 22, 2009

biarkan dia pergi

Pertama ku bertemu dia..
Hatiku terasa bergetar...
Seakan rasa itu kembali lagi...
Rasa cinta...yg tlah beberapa kali ku rasakan sebelumnya...
Namun akhirnya hanya membuahkan rasa kecewa...
Dan aku pun sakit.pedih.terluka ..dan kecewa...

Mengapa rasa ini kembali lagi..?...
Dan mengapa aku jatuh hati kepadanya..?...
Tuhan...aku takut...
Aku takut di sakiti lagi...
Aku tak mau bencinta kerna aku tau diri aku x layak untuk dicintai...

Aku mahlukMu yg ingin mencintai & di cintai...
Bukan mahluk yg ingin di sakiti..di kecewakan..di khianati...

Bila memang dia yg terbaik buatku...
Satukanlah hatiku dan hatinya...
Namun...bila dia bukan yg terbaik buatku...
Pisahkanlah aku dan dia...sejauh-jauhnya..
Kerna sungguh..ku tak ingin tersakiti lagi..
Kerna cinta...

Ku biarkan dia pergi
Kerna dirinya tidak layak untukku…
Insan yang x pernah hargai apa itu cinta…
Ku serahkan padaNya
Kerna ku tlah letih untuk mengenal cinta
Tapi tidak pernah merasakannya…
Biar lah tuhan penentu segalanya..

Thursday, August 20, 2009

flora cinta

Flora Cinta

Benarkah ini ujian lagi
Beombak cuma rasa gundah
Dari sanubari

Tidak percaya pada sengketa
Bisa merubah perjalanan
Yang baru bermula

Biarkan... mendung berarak lesu
Rintik menjadi rindu padam

Setelah hujan pun berhenti
Flora cintaku pun bersemi
Menjadi pepohon tegak merimbun
Bayang kasihmu oh !...

Sempadan cinta pun terbuka
Flora cintaku pun berbunga
Menjadi haruman wangian cinta

Andai ada jodoh kita
Tak akan ke mana-mana
Pastikan sempurna harapan bersama

Sempadan kasih bertemu sudah
Takkan merubah perjalanan yang baru bermula
Biarkan mendung berarak lesu
Rintik menjadi rindu padamu

Flora Cinta - Min Malik

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


fasting month is just around the corner and insyaallah on 21st august we will start fasting...huhu i want to go home to celberate awal ramadhan with my family..huhu i dont want to breaking fast here in unicell..huhu i miss bazar ramadhan in larkin..

when we talk about bulan ramadhan the most popular thing that we talk about is the menu of breaking fast.. and i do have my favourite dish to break fast...
and the most favourite is air khatira abu bakar which we can only get in during the ramadhan and only in bazar ramdhan in jb... i think they should sell it in kl, easier for me to get it during bulan puasa

enak diminum begitu sahaja..emm campuran biji selasih, buah kabung, kurma dan bermacam lagi dicampur dengan susu cair then soda..huhu sungguh menyelerakan..we can only get it during bulan puase....

another menu that i always search during bulan puase is asma rojak larkin kalo kat penang we call it passembor..

the best is cucur udang yang sangat garing, fish cake, paru goreng, kentang rempah, telor rebus and macam2 lagi dimakan ngan kuahnye yg sangat lazat..huhuhu

emm another menu that i waiting for during bulan puase is nasi ambang or jawa pronounce it 'nasi ambeng'

sangat sedap if true javanese yang wat...

next, menu that i always list out is mee rebus stulang laut.. even though we can get it everyday i still want it for my breaking fast during ramdhan

dimakan ngan otak-otak kempas..lagi umpphhh

and last but not least my most favourite drink is teh tarik...

huhu i cant live without it man....huhu

kepada smue umat islam. selamat menyambut bulan ramadhan dan jangan lupe sembahyang terawikh..hehehe

Sunday, August 16, 2009

new sem, new spirit

there are some changes in the registration process for this new sem..n i really love least unisel had made some improvement in their services..maybe after most of the student was complained about their poor management during registration in last semester they learn their mistake and make some improvement..hope thay can keep it up...

and now I'm in a new second year in unisel...huhu i wish i can graduate as soon as possible... hehe but now my wish list in second year i really hope i can score this sem, because i know my pointer for sem 3 is not really satisfied..i have to work harder...and fasting month is coming soon so i have to keep fit and be energetic to survive here..huhu rindu air khatira..

last Friday I've got a chance to go to university malaya for my cousin's convocation. so it was a first time for me to been there.. it was fun when we spent time together to celebrate our family's member convo..huhu congratulation..n now i really cant wait for my convocation which is on 2011 insyaallah..huhu

so dib u have to study from now and prove to yourself that u can do it..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


emm i just got my sem3 exam result.n it was sucks man..emm merosot dr sem lepas..huhu
i dun get wat i had target..sangat sangat sedey and kecewa.. maybe xde rezeki nak dpt dean list for this sem..huhu..xpe ah redha..lagipon sem 3 ni..mcm byk main2 dib chaiyok2 dont repeat this again k...huhu work harder and score higher for next sem.. don't play2 ah..emm subject for sem 4 is quite tough..
macroeconomics, industrial law, sociology, business computing2, business communication 3, staffing, huhu
i have to focus and play more attention in class...huhu..
..i know i can do it..go for it..yeeehah

Monday, August 10, 2009

hang out+eat=diet

while patiently waiting for the exam result bro a.k.a dayah was busy inviting me and kak ros to hang out in jb before we going back to our 'beloved unisel'. so me and kak ros was busy shoppping and shopping at plaza pelangi just now..i bought 1 tshirt, 2 dressess, 1 handbag and 1 wedges and not forgetting i bought all my stationery for my new sakan...
kalo mak nampak ni mati aku kene bebel...

then after we finished shopping bro arrived to fetch us..she was complaining about the traffic jammed all over the jb..because singapore is on public holiday so most of the cars in jb right now is full with singaporean car..the we drive thru to danga bay to was a first time in my life to step in to the karoeke box cal suria box kalo x first i just sit and listen to bro n kas ros but then ..its time for me to melalak , release tension..huhu i really had so much fun..huhu sakit rahang wei...

after finished karoeke, our perot pon berkeroncong lagu keroncong untuk ana so its time for dinner..around 745 pm we arrive at benafe cafe the owner of the restoran is family of betty benafe n its located at in front of new york hotel jb the best menu nasi ayam penyek...huhu bro blanje ari ni..sangat2 sedap sampai licin kiterorg time bley pegi lagi

huhu..830 pm..arriving home and mak masak lontong ari ni..aduss menyusuk jiwe wei..padahal dh makan td...rezeki jangan ditolak kan..hehehe

but i should put on diet right..huhu starting tomorrow before i become fatter and fatter..kang dh jadi gemuk pendek xde spe yg nak..huh

it just a picture but i dun want to be like this..huhu..
i should lose my weight..emm
now 54kg..
target 47kg..huhu
so i should lose 7 kg..huhuhu
target time- before hari raya puasa

this picture may be will give me an inspiration to lose weight huhu..not too big not to small..just average..huhu
wish me luck

Thursday, August 6, 2009

orang kecil


Hari ini ku lihat awan biru dan hijaunya dedaun
Ku lupa betapa indahnya kehidupan yang sebenar

Tersesak dalam cita, diuji dan diduga
Namun aku ini hanya orang kecil

Jauhnya cinta, jauhnya bahagia
Lelah gelita, kosongnya jiwa
Ku impikan bulan, ku terjatuh di bintang
Bersyukur apa ada, ku ‘kan sampai ke sana

Hari ini ku lihat teman ku dan separuhnya bersatu
Ku lupa betapa indahnya kehidupan yang sebenar

Tersungkur bangun lagi, komplikasi duniawi
Namun aku ini hanya orang kecil

wani ardy-orang kecil.MP3 - Wani Ardy

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

cute quote

"Sometimes you have to forget how you feel, and remember what you deserve."

You feel so bad that your boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with you but you always remember that you can do better. You know that you deserve the best and you won't give up trying to look for that one guy/girl.