Monday, August 24, 2009

2nd ramdhan

2nd day of ramadhan, I surrender to break fast at unisel because it was so dull and boring… so my friend and I decided to break our fast outside the campus… so we decided to go to Tesco Kuala Selangor to break our fast…so we arrived there around 6.25pm so its still early and we go shopping for a while..

Tesco is quite big hypermarket in Kuala Selangor but one think that makes me wonder is why so many things that I want to buy is out of stock… First life chilli sauce, then kicap kipas udang then hook for the wall are out of stock.. For such a big hypermarket like that I don’t think there is a reason out of stock…. Ai yooooo

After busy shopping, its already time to buy our meal for break no choice instead of KFC I decided to go to Hameed restaurant because I’m sick of eating fast food.. so I went to order the tarik, mee goreng mamak and one roti arab..hehhehe

8.30pm…Time to go back… and it was my first experience to travel by motorcycle.. huhuhu…alhamdulillah, because now I realise that I’m not really phobia or trauma to ride the motorcycle…hahhaha

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