Tuesday, September 9, 2008

love or like..confusion

I don’t know what happen to myself lately….but I feel something different. I always remember someone in everything I do. His face, smile, voice and laugh keep playing in my mind. I don’t know... do we call it love?? I’m not sure maybe it just a normal feeling for the girl towards a guy. But he just my inspiration for me to go class everyday. For me to study hard here because I don’t want to put any hopes anymore towards love..

Past is past. I don’t want to be hurt anymore and that’s why I don’t let myself to fall in love with anybody. It was really hurt when somebody cares to you, give u hopes and convince you that he will love and care and he will always be there in your ups and downs but after u fall to him he left u for someone else. And how u can easily forgive and forget the one u love and everyday u have to face him and pretend to everybody that u okay like nothing happen..

I’m sick of that situation and now I’m getting better with all this because he far away from me. Even though I still remember him till this moment but I will not let myself to be hurt anymore just because of him..

I know its fun when we have someone that love and care to us. But I’m afraid because I know I always unlucky in love.. But right now I think that the feelings come again. Maybe it just a beginning part in my life.. I don’t know I just hope that everything will be fine.

But this time I have to be extra careful. Because I don’t want to make any stupid mistakes anymore. Fall in love with someone in the same class, when it hurts u u will face him everyday. and here I have to face him for about three years..huhu its hard man..

Ahh I’m starting to think out of box..huhu no no no its too far to think about. I dun know about his feelings toward me or it just a love at one sight. even though I get a positive reaction from him but I don’t want to put any hopes..

That’s all for now..see ya later

Sunday, August 31, 2008


my life is getting better in unisel..but I'm still trying to adapt myself in a new environment... learning new things..huhu i will work hard for my accounting subject because i find it quite tough compared to other subject maybe because i dun have any basic on i have to work harder to catch all those things..huhu
i really hope i can score this semester and insyallah in all semester..i have to prove it that i can do is for my own good...
huh and now ramadhan is coming over..and fasting in unisel is quite tiring i guess..but i will handle it..fasting is not a reason for us to be weak and dull..
a lot of assignment to do..presentation and revising..but thats the duty or responsibility as a university student.. and i have to do it.
enough for now..will update later

Saturday, August 9, 2008

a week in unisel a.k.a unicell

emm day 6 in's almost 1 week i've been here in unisel..nothing much that i can say bout unisel.. my first impression bout unisel is it's located too far away from any town..all the way from highway sungai buloh to here is surrounding by oil palm estate and forest..after bout 7km to a juz small tiny village ..i 'm wondering who's the hell who found this place to build the university here.... all the buliding in unisel is colourful colour a bit like a kindergarden and we have to walk and walk to go to the class that located a bit far from our apartment.. the apartment is quite okay but the room is small..there a 6 people for each apartment.. my roomate azlin is from penang and my another close friend here nadia is also from penang..i still dont find any jb student here.. orientation week is quite ok..but it is so dull and boring we have to lend our ear to listen of many slot of briefing ang briefing about unisel..we have to walk ffor a long distance to get to know everything in was so tiring and exhausted and let me comment about the orientation week of unisel or known as minggu apresiasi siwa or MAS ...some of the faci is good but some of them are overacting i dun have any fun of some of the programme.. but the best part of the orientation week here is segmen msq ..they invited abdul muqarabbin a student that has create a big name for malaysia because he was the first muslim and the youngest person to everest..that's the best moment so far..another part that i love about mas here is malam apresiasi siswa that happen in tthe last night i love the singing part where the faci who sing dua ihsan..she has a great voice... but the saddest part is where they create one moment to realise us about our parents..they asked us to close our eyes and remember our parents sacrifices towards us since we were small until now..i was cried heavily at that was so touch ... overall about the orientation week in unisel is okay...maybe its better from other ipt..its more relax than others and the faci is caring they care about us..emm i just hope from now i can survive here and i can achieve whatever i want here..ya ALLAH please give me a strength to cope with this situation and circumstances here..i really hope that...