Sunday, August 31, 2008


my life is getting better in unisel..but I'm still trying to adapt myself in a new environment... learning new things..huhu i will work hard for my accounting subject because i find it quite tough compared to other subject maybe because i dun have any basic on i have to work harder to catch all those things..huhu
i really hope i can score this semester and insyallah in all semester..i have to prove it that i can do is for my own good...
huh and now ramadhan is coming over..and fasting in unisel is quite tiring i guess..but i will handle it..fasting is not a reason for us to be weak and dull..
a lot of assignment to do..presentation and revising..but thats the duty or responsibility as a university student.. and i have to do it.
enough for now..will update later

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