Tuesday, May 31, 2011


last night i went to panel clinic
because my allergic is become worst..
and i cant take it anymore...
so after isyak i went at taman sri tbrau
then we never found the clinic..then heading to taman istimewa
the doctor was not in..and will come back at 1030
so i just go straight to tmn sri bahagia..the clinic was closed
how unlucky i was
then i went for the last to bandar bru uda
then luckily its 24 hours but have to wait for the doctor to come in
aiseyymennn...sbr jek la
then gi makan dlu then come back
see the doctor only for 2 min i think
then waiting for 20 min for the medcine
how poor their services..
but the the nurses is courteous
so i just be patient..and smile
hope the medicine is good
it was fungus actually..
ayoyo...then i have to control everything
food, environment and hygiene...
now in process on that
i have to cook on my own
and cant buy outside food..
to prevent it..huhu..
i have to make sure everything before consume it..

hope everything is well...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

a.q.u.a l.i.l.y

this weekend jue, farah n me
went to our friend's wedding
congrats aan on your wedding day
may god bless u and
happiness will be yours forever

dib farah n jue

three of us,,, gha xde lak...

then we hang out to jusco tebrau
heading to body shop..
i bought one set aqua lily perfume, concealer and body scrub
emmm..borong bis kan..until pokai...

haahaha...can't wait to may allowance..
have to wait until 7th june..huhu
i need money yaaa

too many expenses i spent this month
so better to start saving babe..

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


yesss, cuti dh approve..
tket flight dh book,..
so excted...9th jun
nk berjimba di kl...
ehheheeh counting days...
so for those yg nk bg early advance bday gift
dialu alukan k..hehehhe

Sunday, May 22, 2011

nur kasih

nur kasih is the best movie for 2011
so far..even the plot a bit kelam kabut
but i love the movie..
package-sad , sweet , romantic, suspense..
thanx farra for melayan sy untuk mnonton cte ni
hahah nk tgk my remy ishak..kekekke

i'm happy today..
hang out then makan2
then tgk wyg..pastu makan crepe
banana chocolate nyummy...
cm ne la nk kurus kn..ekkeke

emm kat restoran cheestarian..
kdai ni cntek mkn kat dlm akuarium..heheh
dikelilingi akuarium la..kite mkn ikan tgk kite..
unik kn..hehhe

then kalo kuar ngn farah mst la shopping bju kan..
kemeja untuk g keje.,.hehehe
btw thanx darlings..
next time kite kuar lg k

Saturday, May 21, 2011

i want u...:-)

love begin....
kuang kuang kuang...
i think i'm in love with u...
i want u
i dun care who u are
u had stole my heart....

ohhhh bulannnn....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

batu api

jangan jadi batu api ley x...
heran dgn prangai manusia
die plak nak lebih2..
ak just diamkan diri ak
cr ketenangan..
drp ak marah membabi bute
tp ade jgak prangai manusia yg x matang
cakap tu la ni la
tolonglah..jgn nak kuang ajar sgt...
byk bende nk pk skrg
kerje lg, hal umah lg , report lg
xde mse nk lyn sme bnd bdoh ni
tp bile die dh melebih2
ak jd grm
tolongla jgn nak cr psl k...
dr slame ni ak berdiam
kang ak dh bersuare lg twok..
so for outt

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


emm alhamdulillah
good news for the job
its the high possibilities to continue working here
ermm my hr executive told me
that she will recommend me to permanent job
to our hr manager..

personally..i love to working there
i enjoy the life..i mean people around there
was good to me and i'm happy
with the environment

hope least ade duit raye nanti kn..
hopefully everything will be better

Sunday, May 15, 2011


i'm getting better these days
live happily without tears
or any feelings that interrupt my life
or make any stupid mistakes again
at least its a credit for myself actually...

working life is good
i mean if the environment is good and healthy
u will motivate ur self to work harder
hopefully i can continue to work there..
working actually had make me
to become someone else
more matured, think smart
on how to make the work become easier...
communication is important i think
but seriously i enjoy working and intern there
even though it was tired
but i 've learn so many things
how to work with people,
be socialize
and build a good relationship among the colleague

ok...enough for this week...ehhehe

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


at last i can live on my own
i manage to handle my self
my feelings...
thanx to my work actually
because of it
i can forget everything
i dun have a time to think bout it
yeahh at least there are much more things to do
and now i regret for every single tears
because tears only make u weak..
be far away is a better way
and i hope that it is..
i will not meet him ever and ever...
lets continue with the life like this

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Jangan pernah katakan cinta
Jika kamu tidak pernah peduli

Jangan bicara tentang perasaan

Jika rasa itu tidak pernah ada

Jangan pernah genggam jemari
Jika berniat membuat patah hati

Jangan pernah katakan selamanya
Jika berniat untuk berpisah

Jangan pernah menatap mataku
Jika yang kamu ucapkan adalah kebohongan

Jangan pernah ucapkan "Halo"
Jika berniat mengucapkan "Selamat Tinggal"

Jangan pernah bilang kalau "Akulah satu-satunya"
Jika kamu mengimpikan yang lainnya

Jangan pernah mengunci hatiku
Jika kamu tidak punya kuncinya

Cinta itu akan menjadi kematian bagimu,

kalo kamu...terperangkap olehnya.
Cinta bagai misteri datang dan pergi tanpa permisi.

Kamu tak perlu mencarinya...

Karena cinta akan datang pada waktu yang tepat.
Kamu tak dapat membelinya...

karena harga sebuah cinta sangatlah mahal

Cinta akan lahir pada saat yang tepat tanpa kita ketahui kapan,

dan tanpa kita ketahui kepada siapa.

Friday, May 6, 2011


emm exhausted..
hahah agak pnt la this week
tp x de lah byk sangat keje nk kene wat
sme nye msih under cntrol
and next week ade fireball celebration
mcm2 activities ade
so sales eco bag not bad..
blood doantion
and draw a thon..
sok kene overtime
ade mslh locker yg x settle2 lagi..aduyaiii
so kene work harder
to settle all these things..
oklahh nk rht..

Monday, May 2, 2011

new life begin

just to let it go..
yeah thats the time to forget every thing
because it seems that he not even bothered
so how do i...

i have to move on..