Friday, September 30, 2011


while i'm busy searching for new job
and thinking of my exit interview
suddenly i got an offer from my boss
to be absorb to the company
as human resource associate or as known as
hr officer
majoring in training session...
nervous to do it
but its a good opportunity i guess
so i accept it
and effective this 1st oct
i'm officially be a staff of
celestica electronics
really hope i can do my best
and achieve what they expect for..

Monday, September 26, 2011


alhamdulillah syukur
akhirnye dpt gak merasa dpt 4 flat untuk stu sem
thanx to my industrial supervisor and academic supervisor
for giving me an A for my industrial training
syukur st
walaupun cgpa x naik sgt
but okla..atas 3 pointer dh syukur dh

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

c.o.n.v.o y.e.a.h

finally dapat gak convo this year kn...
hahah alhamdulillah
at least xyah tunggu smp next year nk convo sme kn
emm hope for the best...
just the picture on my kazen's convocation
and my bro convocation

xsbr rasenye...
kalo lah mak ade lagi..
bley mak tgk adik grad kn...

Monday, September 12, 2011

dinner raya

musim-musim raya
musim naikkan berat badan

haiihhh cm ne nk kurus..
suddenly this morning
i got the call from kak yanti
ajak dinner kat mutiara hotel
replacement for the hr manager...

so pe lg kn..mkn free
spe x nk kn...

kak yanti , me n kak aina at the lobby

food was awesome

at the entrance


really enjoy the food
thanx a lot...
berbaloi baloi

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

s.w.e.e.t r.a.y.a first ingat x jd dh nk berayerr ngn member
then suddenly we decide to beraye
weekdays..after kerje then pergi beraya...
start with my house then ke umah jue di bbu

best2 ..even jap kumpul tp puass..
then after that me farah n jue
gi cs lak watched final destination 5
terbaikk ah cte tu..
kuat menjerit rupenye farah ni...
ingat kan brutal x tkt ..
but best la..
then g bazar karat buang2 mse..
mcm sok ari
x keje..well bese la lme x lepak2
gosip2 story mory
thanx girls...
happy least
there are some stories we can share together

here are some picturess.... and juee n ghaa

jue...peace yooo

with farahhh

three of us.....

me at jue's house

lengkong..nyummy..bis stu balang tu ak bedall

me and farah...

gha n farah

love u girls...
thanx for spent the sweet moment...

muah muah muahh

Saturday, September 3, 2011

raya 2011

seriously i love this hari raya...
spent time with the big big family...
went to singapore at first hari raya

went back to pontian on second hari raya

kota tinggi and jb for 3rd raya

long time..never convoii for ari raya..otw back to kota tinggi

then late night going for karoeke with all cuzzens

and 4th back to singapore
and went to orchard road for shopping...
erkk broken but satisfied..
shopping like crazyyy was fun this year..
thanx for the family members...
its been a long time we never had a family gathering
and havoc like this
like our childhood moments ...

selamat hai raya