Friday, July 27, 2012

rezeki ramadhan..

rezeki ramadhan 
after bout three months 
i was jobless
and just done a part time job
as kumon admin assistant
and kindergarten teacher 
finally i get the job
as Human Resource Executive 
 and this is my workplace
d'apotic jalan trus
the interview session was only 10min
and alhamdulillah
after 1 hour i got a call
i have been offered 
to work permanently here.
the hr manager was awesome and the team
look great.
 i will be started working here on 2nd august 2012
hopefully this will be the best place
for me to gain experience..
 wish me luck

gonna miss them

Friday, July 6, 2012

birthday gathering-30.6.2012

as we had planned, 
birthday gathering yg ptot buat kat tgif 
change location to ksl city..
after cik farra blikan kite cake
we heading to seoul garden ksl city
makan-makan, borak borak
gelak-gelak smp kiteorg
customer plg lamer dekat ctu

 iza farhana..gathering kali ni iza join skali

 bday cake..tq cik farra
 then lepas mkn..jln2 dlm ksl
usha2 samsung galaxy s3..
untuk cik gha kiter..

then heading to umah kakak jue
makan n makan lg...

tq fuad for taking this pic..heehhe

really had fun with u gurls..
gonna miss u.
ade jodoh kite jmp lg..heheh