Sunday, October 7, 2012


I've been busy with my work right now
attached to work right now
tide up to recruit people
interview and hire,
to retain the worker,
to motivate the new employees to stay in the comp.
maintain the manpower
and additional work to add on soon

i will start my outlet visit soon ,
n my asst mnger will resign in less than one month..
sure it will lot of works to cover
but that's the challenge
at least now i gain a better knowledge
on how to be a good
recruitment team. 
everything happen for the reason..

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Day In Legoland

31st August 2012
its a public holiday,
time to relax and enjoy myself
and i get free tickets to Legoland Malaysia
in Kota Iskandar and be a priority
to be the first group to explore 
the Legoland
before the grand opening on 15th Sep 2012
Thanx to my bro for the tickets and the chances to explore and be the first 
with special discount 50% in food and beverage
and 30% for souvenirs..

 the theater

really enjoy it.. Malaysians
go and get ur annual pass right now..its cheaper
n worth buying...

Friday, July 27, 2012

rezeki ramadhan..

rezeki ramadhan 
after bout three months 
i was jobless
and just done a part time job
as kumon admin assistant
and kindergarten teacher 
finally i get the job
as Human Resource Executive 
 and this is my workplace
d'apotic jalan trus
the interview session was only 10min
and alhamdulillah
after 1 hour i got a call
i have been offered 
to work permanently here.
the hr manager was awesome and the team
look great.
 i will be started working here on 2nd august 2012
hopefully this will be the best place
for me to gain experience..
 wish me luck

gonna miss them

Friday, July 6, 2012

birthday gathering-30.6.2012

as we had planned, 
birthday gathering yg ptot buat kat tgif 
change location to ksl city..
after cik farra blikan kite cake
we heading to seoul garden ksl city
makan-makan, borak borak
gelak-gelak smp kiteorg
customer plg lamer dekat ctu

 iza farhana..gathering kali ni iza join skali

 bday cake..tq cik farra
 then lepas mkn..jln2 dlm ksl
usha2 samsung galaxy s3..
untuk cik gha kiter..

then heading to umah kakak jue
makan n makan lg...

tq fuad for taking this pic..heehhe

really had fun with u gurls..
gonna miss u.
ade jodoh kite jmp lg..heheh

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


i get myself a present for my
23rd birthday
a galaxy tab 7.0 plus...

and best..ley wat video call..
bosar sikit..hahahhah
and sng nak bwk g maner2

Sunday, June 17, 2012

er shi san

17th June 2012
I am officially twenty three years old...
a year older
 better day, better future

tq each and everyone for the warm wishes
appreciate it so much...

and thanx a lot to him
for the birthday treat..
a blouse, 
and the biggest fruit tart..

first time wearing dress bile dh besar2 ni

 seafood platter
 Delifrance family fruit tart

officially 23..

my wishlist..

driving license
permanent dream job
new car..

Friday, June 15, 2012

kindergarten teacher

sounds weird kan..tibe2 drp hr officer
tup2 drastically tukar jadi kindergarten teacher
but seriously i'm in love with my job right now...
at first, i dont believe in myself actually
to be a kindergarten teacher
but well so far best
all my student pon suke kat cikgu die..
chewah prasann..
but serious...during hari terbuka
parents banyak feedback yang
anak diorang skrg rajin pergi skolah sebab cikgu dah x garang dh
ye la, skrg mmg x garang lg..
tp ngn bdak2 ni bukan bley grg sgt..lagi die tkot
n x dgr its a good compliment ..
  and budak2 mmg sangat jujur
first day in school 
konon- konon dapat pujian
cikgu, cikgu cantik,
cikgu comel la..

tapii kann...cikgu gemukkk

terima kasih la murid2 
kerana kejujuran anda tu..hahahhaha

comel jek budak ni2
murid-murid 6 tahun..

Monday, June 4, 2012

eau de parfum

anyone interested to buy perfume
original, eau de parfum
long lasting...
gerenti puas atii
for men n women..

 perfume for women
perfume for men

anyone interested???
pm me 

Friday, May 25, 2012

scared to drive a!!!

hye everybody,
I am 23 and never have driven a car seriously
I am really having a panic attack everytime i am moving car
that's why i am always postponing my driving lessons.
and now i feel that i am going to die of fear, 
I'm going to learn driving but still now it still in  dissatisfied condition

seriously i need to pass  jpj and get my driving license soon
so that its easy for me to drive car alone without relying to 
my dad to fetch me everywhere i go
and depend to my friend to fetch me and send me back every time we hang out

ya allah.. hope everything is getting better..
i challenge my self to get a license as a gift for my bday this year

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

tab tab tab

hye..ape nye yg tab ni kn??
tadi usha2 galaxy tab
tbe2 rase mcm nak sambar satu la
a present to myself
ye la bulan depan kn june.
my birthday..chewahh
cam byk jek duit kn
dah la x kje
tp mcm xtau ngn diri sndri...
kalo nak tu nak jugak..huhu
sambil hentak2 kaki
so bile dh usha jnis2 galaxy tab ni
de la berkenan yg 7.7 nye series kn
warne putih...superbbb
hopefully makbul la impian tu kn..heheheh
mimpi tab la mlm ni

Saturday, May 19, 2012

kenapa dengan lelaki ekhh??

wahh entry post macam ada yg x kene dengan lelaki kn?
kelass gtu mak jemahh..
nak story cket..
ni xtau la dr pengalaman sndri or pengalaman org kn
tp kenapa lelaki susah sgt nk dclare one relationship tu kn??
ke perempuan yg jenis mudah mengharap...

nak kate macam kawan pon x
nak kate mcam bf pon x
tp special cket dr membe
cre msg cre ckp,
kuar date dh mcm couple dh
org2 luar duk tgok mcm ala sweetnye couple ni gtu
tp hakikatnye hanye tuhan jek tau
ape c perempuan ni raser
bile org sbuk tny
dah gelabah tak tau nk jwb pe
last2 senyum2 sipu jek
abis yg lelaki nye pon diam membisu
xkannla perempuan nak sbuk2 declare kn

kdg2 xphm gak dengan lelaki ni
bile kite msg or kuar dgn lelaki lain
tau plak nk cemburu bagai
even kuar ngn membe prompuan sbuk tny
konon care la sgt kn
tp bile tny beribu kali
ape status hubungan kite
xpenah ada jawapan pon

balek2 reason xready
owhh kalo mcm tu sng la
lps ni klo ckp jek nk kuar ke pe
ckp jek la x ready..
kdg2 de traser gak
die nak main2 kn aku jek ke
kalo stakat ko buat ak cm ni
then tbe ko ckp kite kwn jek kn 
baik xyah ak buang mase dgn ko kn...
sebab dah pnah kene 
so x nak la pisang berbuah due kali

masalahnye zaman skrg bkn mcm dlu ley teka2 prasaan
sorry la ak bkn mcm prompuan jenis dulu 
nk main teka2 prasaan
tros trang jek la
klo suke ckp suke kalo x blah jek kn sng kn

mls nk ckp pe wat sakit hati jek
dah la sakit badan ni


Tuesday, May 8, 2012


nothing much to say...
just a lil update..
now its freedom
i dun know what should I feel actually??
but that decision i have made..
i'm quit my job at celestica
and now looking for another job..
in a while i work as admin assistant
at kumon learning centre..
so new environment...
part time ..hope it will be ok..

so anyone..
vacancy in your workplace..
looking for hr or admin
please let me know...

Monday, April 23, 2012

♥ birthday

 Happy 23rd Birthday

seoul garden KSL City

with birthday boy 

 Danga Bay, JB

Thank you much more, Than a greeting can say, 

Because you were thoughtful, In such a nice way!