Sunday, March 11, 2012

work right now

long time no update...
huhu busy sesangat skrang
i just transfer into new department
yes... x jadi resign from celestica
they offer me to be permanent
and now i am in recruitment
hr resourcing...
so many works to do
so many things to learn
so many circumstances to handle
but i believe in myself that i can do it...
with a great support from my team
and my new manager
hope i can achieve what i want
even though i have to spent 730am until 1000pm everyday
have to work overtime in the weekend
i do enjoy it...
god, please give me a strength
mentally and physically
thank you

and biggest event right now
29,30 and 31st march
i will be in MCTF mid valley
for the biggest career fair
so job seekers, see u there..