Monday, November 30, 2009

dilema cinta

Seberapa salahkah diriku
Hingga kau sakiti aku begitu menusukku
Inikah caramu membalas
Aku yang selalu ada saat kau terluka

Seberapa hinanya diriku
Hingga kau ludahi semua yang ku beri untukmu
Tak ada satu pun perasaan yang mampu membuatku begitu terluka

Namun ku terlanjur mencintai dirimu
Terlambat bagiku pergi darimu
Bagiku terlalu indah perasaan itu
Tak mudah untukku menjauh darimu

Telah ku coba segala cara
‘Tuk bahagiakan kamu
Merebut hatimu
Namun tak semudah yang ku bayangkan
Bila kau tak inginkan ku ’tuk di sisimu

Tak pernah kurasakan sebelumnya
Menginginkan dirinya hingga ku tak kuasa
Meyakini hatiku bahwa ku mampu berlalu

Namun ku terlanjur mencintai dirimu
Terlambat bagiku pergi darimu
Bagiku terlalu indah perasaan itu
Tak mudah untukku menjauh darimu

Namun ku terlanjur mencintai dirimu
Terlambat bagiku pergi darimu
Bagiku terlalu indah perasaan itu
Tak mudah untukku menjauh darimu

Friday, November 20, 2009

exam fever

emm now i think i can breathing..two presentation and group assignment was done..and i just have to do a report for my presntation..but suddenly after everybody was excited to go back home for hari raya aji..we got another database assignment n i think we couldn't did that only for 2 days..because we r not it student so she cant expect for us to settle the job just for several days.. i dun know why this sem is the most stressful sem n it was really exhausted...

because of that for only this month, i had watch almost all new movies in teh cinema.. starting from pisau cukur then 2012 n then phobia..huhu but enuff for that.. i have to focus with my is just around the corner..6 dec begin and end at 14 dec..then hooray..
but i'm going back for study week to jb next excited about that..almost 8 weeks i'm not coming counting days to go back..huhu

Friday, November 13, 2009


2012 was a fantastic and marvellous english movie for 2009 and i think u guys should watch it... for the first time in my life watching movie in the front sit of cinema, even though my back is pain and headache but i think its worth it...really and the cinema was full house with all the people who was so excited with this least it could release my tension and take away all my stress for almost three hours...
huhu yeah i feel so stressed today until i can't focus in class at all... i dun know what she talking about n first time i just sat down quietly until most of my classmates wondering why i'm not making any noise in class...huhu i really miss home, miss abah n mak, miss my kitten, my bedroom n everything at home..i miss jb ..huhu homesick..

n today is my abah's birthday n i would like to wish him happy 57th birthday...may god bless him n u r the best abah in the world..the one who really knows what his daughters want , the one who understand what his daughter need and the one who comfort me whenever i feel down or out..i love u abah n i really miss u..thank u for everything.. sorry i can't going back home to celebrate it with u because i have something more important to do here...classes, assignments and presentation...huhuhu..its ok i'll be back on hari raye aji..

so..time to go class..huhu i just hope everything will be fine...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

too many works too little time

n now i realise what does it means by too many works too little time..why??? because all this week we have to submit all those assignments but those assignments was not even started.. n i have to sacrifice for not coming home to celbrate abah's bday this coming friday... but what i can do is just to smile smile n smile... only god knows what my feelings is.i just hope i have that strength to survive here and i have break my record to stay in unisel for almost one month..huhu congratulation.... k stop the crap..time to do assignments.

bile lah semue penyeksaan ni nk berakhir, n sem 4 ni nk berakhir??huhu

Saturday, November 7, 2009


for the first I've joined my Faculty dinner at Hilton petaling far its good and i really have fun with my just look at all the pictures k..

with yb Haizal n afik

kak erna , nad , dayah, nadia , dib n shida

us with madam ayu rita

with our guest artist farah af2

mior, dib shida n nad

nad, dayah, nadia, diba n shida

me with nadia