Sunday, March 27, 2011

memory lane

its unbelievable that it will comes to an end..
insyaallah..hope that there is no subject to be repeat
and i will grad with flying colours

too sad to let it go
yeah honestly, i feel that
to leave all my friends
the memories...
the experience and
the journey

It's finally our time to say goodbye
My fellow classmates I wish you luck
Carry on your pride and never give up
We've made it this far together
Now it's time to part
we can do it... begin our own start

There is always a time when we will look back
Just remember who was there for you and who had your back
Remember all those time when your friends made you laugh
Or when you ran down the hallway to get to your next class
This is where we started and this is where we'll end
We're no longer classmates but we're all friends.
So my fellow friends I wish you luck
Carry on your pride and promise to never give up

will miss all the memories
here some of the pictures
of my journey
in UniSel
thank u

with nadia and azlin during orientation week

lin, achik, me, ama & baby
semester 1

pesta convo unisel

sem 3

jamuan hari raya 2009

dinner Fob 2009

at hilton pj


fun fair

with them in jana niaga


sukaneka hr

hr student

final exam in bj

last paper


unisel shah alam


three of us

outing at bukit cherakahh

with lia
melompat lebih tinggi
beloved housemate...
cycling at bukit cherakah

celebrating her advance bday
restoran sekinchan

love u all

dataran kl

no words can describe
how much i will miss this moment
thank u for all my fellow friends
hope we can meet each other again
keep in touch
sorry for every single things
good luck in your future

p/s: kalo de yg nak kawin ke tunang ke..
jemput2 la k

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


down and depreciated

thanx for always make my day
with tears and tears

ending my last moment here with shit

yeah shit happen all the time

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

thank you

alhamdulillah everything was almost done
project paper was sent to hard cover
and will collect this friday...
the registration fees for next sem was paid
audit form was sent

and just to finalize the blue form by the end of this week
before i'm going back to do my practical...
n now spending my last moment with all the classmate n friends here
will miss the memories

Monday, March 21, 2011

seasons in the sun

good bye to u my trusted friend last there is the time

sorry for every single things

hope the friendship will last forever

thanx for the memories

Thursday, March 17, 2011

i am i??

hate myself for being so stupid
hate myself for always be hurt
too weak to overcome
all the stupid feeling
for the last day being here
there always be a drama for me to watch

thanx for the actor and actress
thanx for make my ending
end with bitter heart

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

love my life

alhamdulillah 3 paper done
one more to go
yes hygiene..
hopefully can answer it well
really hope for improvement this semester

last saturday i went to jom heboh
for the first time...hahah
sangat panas n exhausted
but i really enjoy it

thanx to my dear friend
dpt jumpa ayun, my ex schoolmate
n take a pic with her
haha excited..

then gi cs and angsana
cam dh lme x hang out jb..
yeah miss that muchh

with adik n yati
ayun the owner of ayunar

three of us
with chef sherson lian
with due plakon ni

ayun again

really had so much fn
thanx again
live the life
to the fullest..

Sunday, March 6, 2011

exam dude

wish me luck peeps
tomorrow my first paper begin
takot sbnrnyer..mcmm prepare x prepare jek ni..aduyaii
hope everything will be ok..
n harap sme masalah yg de ni
dapat dilupakan untuk smantare
n hope untuk selamanya

sy x larat nak tanggung lg
biarlah pe nk jd pon
sy msih ade byk bende untuk disettlekan

exam please dont be hard to me k
i want to score this sem

Saturday, March 5, 2011

ku cari damai di hati

yup sy tersentuh dengan suara lelaki ini
lagu ni sedih sangat
i can't stop to hear this over and over again
biarlah ku cari damai di hati

andainya engkau kecewa
usahlah kau cari aku....

contest gaya & fesyen

ok inilah gambar yg dipertandingkan untuk contest
gaya & fesyen ni
gambar ayu berbaju kurung gitu

dan sy tag 3 kwan sy untuk contest ni


Friday, March 4, 2011

thats the end

really looking forward
for the end of my journey in unisel..
and insyaallah i will be going
for practical next semester
have not decide yet which place i should go..
but hopefully it will be a gud place
for me to learn a new things and gain experiences

looking for the better future..
forget about the past

‘Nothing we can do can change the past,
but everything we do changes the future..

yeah exactly
i still need to travel a long journey
of my life
without turning back
forget the mistakes.
just take as u have done the
biggest mistakes in your life
and not repeat it again

love the life to the fullest
be a better person
for a better future

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

fly away

Seriously, I hate to be here
I want to be far away
just two weeks more to be survive here
i wish to erase all the pains
but it hurt me badly...

when it will comes to an end..
and erase all the memories..
i really need a strength
and a space for myself...

where is my strength ya allah??

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


i'm shocked..really
it was unexpected but then i believe
people changed..
people will take a risk
to fall in luv or to be in luv
to sum1 that they already know the past

dunno what to say
i'm just shocked
but dun worry friend..
i will back off....
n lost cntct with u
hope u will find ur true happiness
good bye

tq for add on the pieces of my miserable life