Monday, March 29, 2010


dun make a promise if u cant keep it..a promise means that you will do it no matter what, if you know you cant keep it then dont bother saying it.

Friday, March 26, 2010

job tasks

huhu...tuesday-30/3/10- company law test
wednesday-31/3/10-presentation io and pm
thursday-1/4/10presentation hrd

too many works to company law for the test, slideshow for hrd..prepare to think out of box and present it well...really hope i can do if all this settle,next will be focus more on hrd group tasks and labor economics test..then study for final..strive for excellence..huhu

in other way to release tension.. my classmate and i went to the fun fair last night to have fun.. wonderful experience after almost 21 years old alive its been ages for me to go to fun fair and experience it.,.what eva i still enjoy..thanx u

Thursday, March 25, 2010


nak balek ke x mgu ni..i've got a chance to go back so what I'm waiting 4 right???
huhu just go back n relax....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

tons of works

huhu so many works to do...2 group presentation... 1 individu presentation-journal and slide... huhu got another test...and another 1 group assignment for hrd..aduyaiiiii...
patient patient and patient..thats all i can say....

Monday, March 22, 2010


seriously,,, i dun have a mood... i want to freak out, crying , screaming to everybody that i am not okay...
why is every time i want to be happy there are always things coming up oppositely... and it will spoil my mood..
i try to change myself, to be a better person.. to be more patient , to keep holding on in everything i do but why always something happen to me that makes me angry easily and make me become a hot tempered person...
i know the only way or the only place thats makes me happy is only my home, my room..but i cant go back every week just to release tension or to make me ok...

i don't want anything,something special or demand anything.. i can stand on my own feet but please don't make a promise if u think u cant do it..stop giving people a hope if u think u can't even do it... because it really hurt and it will spoil my day.. i dun want to be hypocrite just to stay calm but instead deep inside my heart i want to scream a loud and saying i'm not ok...oh god please give me a strength

Friday, March 19, 2010

home paradise

at last i've got a chance to go back home to jb..yippie...thanx abah for sponsoring my ticket..huhu n for the first time i had travelling alone back to jb.. now everyone can fly ...hehe... my first time experience to go back home by flight alone... learn to be independent...and thats it i'm arriving jb only for 45 minutes..huhu Home Paradise..i miss home damn damn much...

Friday, March 12, 2010

mak n abah

i miss mak n abah so much.. break the record i'm not going home to jb for 3 weeks already and it will be five weeks..huhu i dunno whether i can stand it or not.. emm maybe i need to find some spaces..huhu i miss them damn much...huhu but wat can i do...i've been too busy this sem until i have to sacrifice for not coming home for about a month..huhu i dun care about hook or by crook i want to go back home this month..

Sunday, March 7, 2010


it started to feel that again.a feeling of uncertainty.when u actually dunno what does it feel actually...
i cried for the whole day yesterday... i miss my home..staying here for two weeks really make me homesick.and nobody understand what i feel...
i dunno maybe i'm not matured enough to feel that..but who cares?? i love my family damn much n they are the most precious thing i have... so i dun think is wrong when i miss my home so much. and i really regret for not going back home this weekend.. spending weekend in this estate really make me freak out...
i cant do anything, i lost my focus....
i can't even study for this whole weekend and finish up my assignment.. so what the hell that i'm doing .. i dunno it just that i want to go somewhere out of here....i dunno why it always happened to me...please help me!!!