Saturday, May 22, 2010


hahah finally I've got a chance to buy two tone inner with cheaper prices.thanx for ayunar..huhu and plus i really2 satisfied with the service.thanx aunty for giving us the cheaper price..
huhu i ahve bought one baju kurung, two inner with two colour tones, n 2 selendang ..n its only for rm really great man..i dunno what to say..i was really happy when i get what want.cheaper prices with high quality it so much.huhu for those woho interested to purchase it with the lower price please visit
lets take a look on what i have bought at ayunar booth in persada johor

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

missing piece of the puzzle

mission: to search for the missing piece of the puzzle.. no matter what i have to find it....

When we first met i had no idea you would be so important to me .(:
but i heart beating, my instinct said that u re da one for could i be the one who always remain in your heart..can we be juz like b4
Hati Yang Kau Sakiti

jangan pernah katakan bahwa
cintamu hanya untukku
karna hatiku selalu kau lukai
tak ada lagi yang bisa ku lakukan tanpamu
ku hanya bisa mengatakan apa yang ku rasa
ku menangis membayangkan
betapa kejamnya dirimu atas diriku
ku menangis melepaskan
harus slalu kau tahu
aku lah hati yang telah kau sakiti

masih ada perasaan
yang tak menentu di hati
bila ingat sorot matamu
yang kurasa berbeda
oh janganlah terjadi
yang selalu kutakutkan
beribu cara kan kutempuh
reff: oh cintaku kumau tetap kamu
menjadi kekasihku
jangan pernah berubah
selamanya kan kujaga dirimu
seperti kapas putih di hatiku
takkan kubuat noda
bayangkanlah dari matamu
bayangkan aku di sisimu

Monday, May 17, 2010

crying is the best therapy

no matter where we go, what we do as long as u r with me i 'm happy with that...i miss the old u..the one who always make me happy when i'm down, de one who lend his shoulder for me to cry on the one who always there in my ups and downs...
but now i feel that ,u still always beside me in everything i do, but i have missing something that i had before ..i dun know y..
i try to make it as nice and as sweet as old time..the one when we found that that we love each other...i love u but it seems that i lost it..i dun know where the sweet memories go...
now in ths 5th month almost everyday we had a quarrel, almost everyday we fighting for even the small matter... almost everyday i burnt into tears..i know and i dun blame u..most of it i de one who seek for the problem and seek for the trouble..i dun understnd u and so on...
i try search and implement de best way for our relationship but it doesnt work out..i've noticed it..i always be the one who ask to spent stime together, i de one who hold your hand but u dont, the one who looking for u but i dun know..i feel like missing..miss the old him..sory to say that..but u totally different right now..i dun know where the sweet guy go, the one who always make me smile..
sumtime gurl sulking because he want an attention from him but only anger that she get,,, and he seems do not even care of it.. i dun know...he think that i am self centred but i never be that...sumtimes i just want to be pampered and care..maybe i should not ask for more...yeah maybe too much dreaming sumtimes will only make u dissapointed
i just would like to say i want our relationship like before... sweet and lovely...even though we keep argue but it just a normal for the sweetness in relationship
but now he always say that he was bored in our relationship..i dun know what to do..i try to do some surprise but surely it will turn out badly,n then he wil thought that i'm only creating the story to make a surprise... i try to make it nice but it always happen oppositely..i dun know what to do..and when i'm blur the only things i can do is crying but who cares about that..he thought that i always think about myself when i'm crying..but for 20 years before whenever i'm in tense, dunno what to do..the only thinks that make me comfort with myself is by crying..crying seems to be the best way to release all that....

i love him so much, no words can describe how much i love him..i dun think what people might say, but ireally love him deep in my heart and from the bottom of my heart he will be the last...

i need a place to find myself, to know myself..i dun know..what else will be the best way for our relationship...i dun have any experience on it...and i still learning... and i still try and error... i just want to say i really miss the old him, the one that i know, the one that i attract of at the first moment i realise he is the one for me...i dun know where he go..i dun know where the sweetness of him gone away??
i just need to find it ,,. and i dun know how to begin????

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

can't wait

i can't wait for my semester break holiday..huhu..tense tense and tense, that's all i can was happen to me during an exam ..huhu
3 more paper to go..huhu really want to finish it as soon as possible and enjoy..huhu miss my jb already

Friday, May 7, 2010

miss u

can't wait to meet my cousin tonight..huhuu
3 paper in 3 days straight really make me i need some rest and entertainment..hehhehhe
emm and we have some big project to can't wait for that

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

cut my hair

last saturday i went to e-vogue to cut short my hair..and this is my new hair..huhu
short bob hair..hehhehe
ote just for fun...want to continue my study

Monday, May 3, 2010

back to unisel

wish me luck..wednesday will be my first paper. and today i will going back to unisel to strive for an excellent..i have done my study for law and hrd but not confident yet to sit for an exam..wish me luck..

Saturday, May 1, 2010

guess what??

i'm in jb right was a last min plan actually..i just been thinking of my mom..n suddenly after lunch yesterday i've been thinking to go back home...huhu i dun know..two days i cant study at all and i i cant stop crying..o dun know why ..there are always uncertainty kind of feeling whenever i got back to u.. i feel lonely, miss my mom, thinking of sumthing but i dun know y. i lost my i think the best decision is i'm coming back home...

n this morning, i make my mom the breakfast and cook for her lunch..n i learn to make tomyam on my own..thanx to him for giving me a recipe.appreciate yummy and delicious..huhu
k time to and hrd..killer paper..
gud luckkk