Wednesday, December 30, 2009

as 2010 is coming, i would like to make a new hopes and resolution for it...

* give me more spirit to study and get better score for my examination... i really hope so that i will achieve my target to get 3.5 and above

* 2009 resolution that i must lose my weight seems like is not work i have to do something more to get my ideal weight..

* now it seems that i have to be more aware with the food that I'll be taken... my allergic is getting worst and i really have to take care of my food

* my 2009 resolution is to find my mr right guy and it seems that i had found him, sum1 that had open my heart again to fall in love... thank u so much for being there..i hope our relationship will last forever

As 2010 arrives I think about the past, present, and future. I look at my life, and reflect on what I have accomplished. The past is the past and there is nothing I can do about it

*The present is a time where I can look at where I am, and where I am going.

* I hope in the future that I make the right choices. be a better person and having a better time with the better people.. The future I have no control over, because I don't know what is ahead.

* May 2010 bring happiness, health, and prosperity...

Good bye 2009, welcome 2010

Monday, December 21, 2009

semester break

wahh.its been ages that i never update my blog..i've been busy with my exam..stress and stress i just leave it to Allah S.w.t hope that i can get whatever that i wish for this sem... after clearance in Unisel i went to my aunty's house in sepang.. spent my leisure time with my cousins ,parents, aunties and uncles...really spent my day we went to shop and shop in ALAMANDA putrajaya and also all around KL..
after that go back to jb all along with my cousin aliah..because we had a plan to be a tour guide for my aunty's fren "aunty safiyah from south africa to a road trip to we went for a sightseeing in Sentosa Island, Esplanade hall, Marina bay, And merlion..and we really2 enjoy it..just take a look for all the picture taken...

christmast tree in harbour front


at the gift shop in sentosa island

bus trip to singapore

high jump in singapore

with my cousin aliah

a view of esplanade

with aunty safiyah - a view of an eye on singapore

Thursday, December 3, 2009

time to strike

after spending so much time at home i feel reluctant to go back to unisel..huhu...after 10 days at home, spending my time with my parents, my naughty cat and my lazy bro..huhu so its time for me to go back to unisel to strive for excellent...
i almost finished with my revision for only two subject macro and sociology..because there are too much to cover but too little time...huhu but i try to manage my time to cover all the chapter for all subject because i really hope to score for this sem.. at least for 3.5 and above.. i know its not that easy because i have two killer subject for this sem Human resource planning and staffing and also industrial relation but i will do my best to score and strive for an wish me luck k...i want to prove to my parents that i can do it..
if my bro can get 4.0 for about 4 sem why cant i???? so that will be my inspiration to work harder...

so enuff for now..want to start packing my stuff..huhu