Thursday, December 3, 2009

time to strike

after spending so much time at home i feel reluctant to go back to unisel..huhu...after 10 days at home, spending my time with my parents, my naughty cat and my lazy bro..huhu so its time for me to go back to unisel to strive for excellent...
i almost finished with my revision for only two subject macro and sociology..because there are too much to cover but too little time...huhu but i try to manage my time to cover all the chapter for all subject because i really hope to score for this sem.. at least for 3.5 and above.. i know its not that easy because i have two killer subject for this sem Human resource planning and staffing and also industrial relation but i will do my best to score and strive for an wish me luck k...i want to prove to my parents that i can do it..
if my bro can get 4.0 for about 4 sem why cant i???? so that will be my inspiration to work harder...

so enuff for now..want to start packing my stuff..huhu

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