Tuesday, September 9, 2008

love or like..confusion

I don’t know what happen to myself lately….but I feel something different. I always remember someone in everything I do. His face, smile, voice and laugh keep playing in my mind. I don’t know... do we call it love?? I’m not sure maybe it just a normal feeling for the girl towards a guy. But he just my inspiration for me to go class everyday. For me to study hard here because I don’t want to put any hopes anymore towards love..

Past is past. I don’t want to be hurt anymore and that’s why I don’t let myself to fall in love with anybody. It was really hurt when somebody cares to you, give u hopes and convince you that he will love and care and he will always be there in your ups and downs but after u fall to him he left u for someone else. And how u can easily forgive and forget the one u love and everyday u have to face him and pretend to everybody that u okay like nothing happen..

I’m sick of that situation and now I’m getting better with all this because he far away from me. Even though I still remember him till this moment but I will not let myself to be hurt anymore just because of him..

I know its fun when we have someone that love and care to us. But I’m afraid because I know I always unlucky in love.. But right now I think that the feelings come again. Maybe it just a beginning part in my life.. I don’t know I just hope that everything will be fine.

But this time I have to be extra careful. Because I don’t want to make any stupid mistakes anymore. Fall in love with someone in the same class, when it hurts u u will face him everyday. and here I have to face him for about three years..huhu its hard man..

Ahh I’m starting to think out of box..huhu no no no its too far to think about. I dun know about his feelings toward me or it just a love at one sight. even though I get a positive reaction from him but I don’t want to put any hopes..

That’s all for now..see ya later