Friday, November 20, 2009

exam fever

emm now i think i can breathing..two presentation and group assignment was done..and i just have to do a report for my presntation..but suddenly after everybody was excited to go back home for hari raya aji..we got another database assignment n i think we couldn't did that only for 2 days..because we r not it student so she cant expect for us to settle the job just for several days.. i dun know why this sem is the most stressful sem n it was really exhausted...

because of that for only this month, i had watch almost all new movies in teh cinema.. starting from pisau cukur then 2012 n then phobia..huhu but enuff for that.. i have to focus with my is just around the corner..6 dec begin and end at 14 dec..then hooray..
but i'm going back for study week to jb next excited about that..almost 8 weeks i'm not coming counting days to go back..huhu

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