Tuesday, May 31, 2011


last night i went to panel clinic
because my allergic is become worst..
and i cant take it anymore...
so after isyak i went at taman sri tbrau
then we never found the clinic..then heading to taman istimewa
the doctor was not in..and will come back at 1030
so i just go straight to tmn sri bahagia..the clinic was closed
how unlucky i was
then i went for the last to bandar bru uda
then luckily its 24 hours but have to wait for the doctor to come in
aiseyymennn...sbr jek la
then gi makan dlu then come back
see the doctor only for 2 min i think
then waiting for 20 min for the medcine
how poor their services..
but the the nurses is courteous
so i just be patient..and smile
hope the medicine is good
it was fungus actually..
ayoyo...then i have to control everything
food, environment and hygiene...
now in process on that
i have to cook on my own
and cant buy outside food..
to prevent it..huhu..
i have to make sure everything before consume it..

hope everything is well...

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