Wednesday, August 26, 2009

coming home....yippie

i can't wait to go back home to my hometown..huhu i miss jb damn much...celebrating the ramadhan here in Unisel was so dull and boring..5 days ramadhan but i feel like its already 10 days . even though there also have bazar ramadhan here but the most of the menu for every stall is about the same... ayam, ayam n ayam... doesnt matter lah ayam goreng, ayam tomato , ayam percik..huhu.nasi ayam..sumenye ayam lohh... and now i've allergic on it.. ken pantang dr makan that's really makes me sick of it...but i really love the fruit juices juice, air mata kucing , tembikai and soya panas from my favourite stall that i call it "air abang sedap'...

so i decided to go back home instead of being crazy to spend my weekend here in unisel again..seriously, I have feel it man..n it was terrible..huhu everyday i was stress to think about what i gonna have for choice of food.. and now 8 days i never touch the rice huhu its not about to put on diet but i dont have appetite to eat rice during bulan puasa huhu...

thinking of jb for bulan puase huhu really makes me think about food, food and food..the slide show about the picture of air khatira, soto ,makaroni bakar, nasi beriani gham, asma rojak , mee rebus,mee hoon singapore always keep playing in my mind and i cant get rid of it....huhu astaga pe nak jadi dib..puase puase..huhu

craving for this makaroni bakar huhu


mee siam singapura

huhu really can't wait for this friday..huhu last chance for me to go back home to jb..because after this my weekend is packed with the replacement class and so jb here i come.... yippieee

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