Monday, August 31, 2009

31 august

for almost 5 days 4 night i spend my time with my family back in my hometown jb it really makes me feel reluctant to go back to my 'beloved unicell'... oh god please give me a strength to survive there..huhu i dun noe why i always feel like this whenever i want to get back there..huhu and why i never feel happy for that...

four days berbuke puase at home really makes me feel like heaven... huhu heaven of food..poor to my mom coz kene bully to masak n masak for her beloved daughter..huhu naseb baik anak pompuan sorang....and plus four days berturut2..i had my air khatira for buke pose...huhu

there are the dishes that my mom cooks for me during these four days..huhu
day 1

soto ayam

day 2

mee siam singapore or we call it mee batu puteh bersama asma rojak or rojak mamak or rojak singapore or passembor if kat penang....

day 3

my mom special menu for this ramadhan... nasi beriani gham with ayam masak merah plus acar..huhu nyummy

and for day 4

fish and chip

huhu for all four days air khatira will be my routine drinks huhu

huhu for four days my abah bought 12 packets of air khatira only for her beloved daughter and of cos for my mom and my bro too..huhu

no word will describe the feelings when u breaking fast with ur family..with the food that ur mom specially cook for u..the feelings that u can't get it anywhere except in ur home sweet home....

so after this i've to learn to be a lil bit independent to survive in this ramadhan...i know i am a type of person who really cerewet about food and i can be moody just because of that..but i have to cope with all this no matter what..huhu
so before i'm going back to my hostel...i've bought some stock of food for sahur or even berbuke puase

sardines, macaroni, bubur, soon and many2 more

so counting forward for another two weeks to coming back home..because after this I've been busy for my replacement class for Hari Raya... so starting tomorrow i"ve to explore more at bazar ramadhan unisel to search for quality food that will suit my appetite...huhu

and last but not least i would like to wish happy 52nd independence day to Malaysia...Merdeka!!!

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zul said...

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