Monday, August 10, 2009

hang out+eat=diet

while patiently waiting for the exam result bro a.k.a dayah was busy inviting me and kak ros to hang out in jb before we going back to our 'beloved unisel'. so me and kak ros was busy shoppping and shopping at plaza pelangi just now..i bought 1 tshirt, 2 dressess, 1 handbag and 1 wedges and not forgetting i bought all my stationery for my new sakan...
kalo mak nampak ni mati aku kene bebel...

then after we finished shopping bro arrived to fetch us..she was complaining about the traffic jammed all over the jb..because singapore is on public holiday so most of the cars in jb right now is full with singaporean car..the we drive thru to danga bay to was a first time in my life to step in to the karoeke box cal suria box kalo x first i just sit and listen to bro n kas ros but then ..its time for me to melalak , release tension..huhu i really had so much fun..huhu sakit rahang wei...

after finished karoeke, our perot pon berkeroncong lagu keroncong untuk ana so its time for dinner..around 745 pm we arrive at benafe cafe the owner of the restoran is family of betty benafe n its located at in front of new york hotel jb the best menu nasi ayam penyek...huhu bro blanje ari ni..sangat2 sedap sampai licin kiterorg time bley pegi lagi

huhu..830 pm..arriving home and mak masak lontong ari ni..aduss menyusuk jiwe wei..padahal dh makan td...rezeki jangan ditolak kan..hehehe

but i should put on diet right..huhu starting tomorrow before i become fatter and fatter..kang dh jadi gemuk pendek xde spe yg nak..huh

it just a picture but i dun want to be like this..huhu..
i should lose my weight..emm
now 54kg..
target 47kg..huhu
so i should lose 7 kg..huhuhu
target time- before hari raya puasa

this picture may be will give me an inspiration to lose weight huhu..not too big not to small..just average..huhu
wish me luck

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