Friday, August 28, 2009

home sweet home

emm this is the day that I'm waiting for.. i'm going back home to jb..yippie to buke puase with all the family members...after class at 12 we rushing for the bus before we get late but before that lets wear our mask for the protection... i dun feel really tired or exhausted maybe because i'm not going home by bus but my bro drove the car.. so on the way to jb i'm just having a nap..hehehhe

from 3.30 pm at serdang we arriving jb at 6.00 pm.. i can't imagine how fast my bro drove his car but it was so fast and early than what i had 6.15pm we arriving home and i had smell of my mom's soto..huhu nyum2 soto ayam is our special menu for today and not forgetting is my air khatira huhu that what i was craving for in every ramadhan..and i think i had my spirit already..huhu

but bfore buke puase, i went to check my weight and its amazing man, 9 days i dont eat rice... i lose 3 kg man..huhuh..its good for my target.huhhu but i dont think i would like to check my weight after berbuke becoz i know maybe it will rise than it lose..hahhahaha

so ari ni ialah ari yang penuh was first time berbuke puase dengan pnuh makanan yang lazat2..n no stress to think bout what i'm gonna have for buke puase because its already done by my mom..thanx mak..huhu mcm tau2 jek anak die cari soto..huhu..n now checking of what i'm gonna have for sahur plak...asyik2 makan cornflakes with today maybe gi pekena nasi lak..huhu

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