Thursday, August 27, 2009

one night only

One night

For the first time in this semester 4, I dun know why this is the day when I feel so depressed, down and out. I dun know y I’ve being moody all the day.. Maybe my homesick is coming. Two weeks spending in unisel really drive me crazy… n today I really mean it… I feel like getting angry to everybody evn though there do not do anything to me…so for those who makes me angry sorry for u..u choose the wrong day dude..

Later at night, my friends of mine asks me out to watch movie… so thinking and thinking I agree of that but we are going in group so I dun really have to worried..3 guys and two young ladies went out from unisel jungle to release their tension by watching movie and hanging out around the kl.

So we drive thru to one utama to watch movie..1130pm until 1 am we watch the movie for a while. I found it as quite interesting movies for me to release tension… Before we go through to other destination, we stop by to mamak restaurant
And having a cup of teh tarik and one roti kosong..but one thing that I realise about me lately.. I lose my appetite to eat of any kind of food..not only nasi but I dun know what happen to myself..huhu..

Then, after had refreshment from that mamak, we go to uptown damansara just for having fun and wasting our plenty time..huhuhu nothing much to buy because everybody was waiting for pt … huhu so everybody just having a nice window shopping..then our next destination is to have a shisha at one of the restaurant .. but not for me..i just follow them, actually one of them that having a shisha..huhu nothing much to do so we just borak2 n merepek2 to having fun…

Around 3am in the morning, we’ve done it… then thinking for the next destination…huhu so we just thinking to drive around the kl….huhu so our driver, act like a tour guide brought us to Jalan TAR, bangsar, and all the places around the kl..jalan2 tanpa hala tujuan…

By 4.45 am in the morning I was surrender and thinking of having a nap..huhu so I was really I had my nap for about one hour..before we arriving our beloved unisel at about 545 am in the morning and to wait for another 15min for the guard to open up the gates….

So 6am in the morning..i was arrived at the guard and was my on the way back to my room..i know my housemate must be worried because it was my first time to overnight outside the campus…

Huhu what I can say for my first time having an overnight outside the campus and hanging out around kl is fun and interesting but I know… I shouldn’t do that too often.. maybe I just let it be my experience as a student but not to do it as routine…
Thanx to all my friends, I really have fun last night….

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