Tuesday, August 11, 2009


emm i just got my sem3 exam result.n it was sucks man..emm merosot dr sem lepas..huhu
i dun get wat i had target..sangat sangat sedey and kecewa.. maybe xde rezeki nak dpt dean list for this sem..huhu..xpe ah redha..lagipon sem 3 ni..mcm byk main2 dib chaiyok2 dont repeat this again k...huhu work harder and score higher for next sem.. don't play2 ah..emm subject for sem 4 is quite tough..
macroeconomics, industrial law, sociology, business computing2, business communication 3, staffing, huhu
i have to focus and play more attention in class...huhu..
..i know i can do it..go for it..yeeehah


Olamikhx said...

Surely u can do better,believe in urself, be more prayerful and ALlah will support u in ur struggle to achieve the best. Go for it babe, go 4d best la

Adiba zehan said...

thank u..yeah i will do my best..wish me luck k