Sunday, August 16, 2009

new sem, new spirit

there are some changes in the registration process for this new sem..n i really love least unisel had made some improvement in their services..maybe after most of the student was complained about their poor management during registration in last semester they learn their mistake and make some improvement..hope thay can keep it up...

and now I'm in a new second year in unisel...huhu i wish i can graduate as soon as possible... hehe but now my wish list in second year i really hope i can score this sem, because i know my pointer for sem 3 is not really satisfied..i have to work harder...and fasting month is coming soon so i have to keep fit and be energetic to survive here..huhu rindu air khatira..

last Friday I've got a chance to go to university malaya for my cousin's convocation. so it was a first time for me to been there.. it was fun when we spent time together to celebrate our family's member convo..huhu congratulation..n now i really cant wait for my convocation which is on 2011 insyaallah..huhu

so dib u have to study from now and prove to yourself that u can do it..

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