Monday, August 3, 2009

A.d.i.b.a. Z.e.h.a.n.

All about A.d.i.b.a Z.e.h.a.n

1. Name? *Adiba Zehan Binti Noran
2. Nickname? *dib, diba n adik
3. Age? * sweet 20
4. Where do you live? * Jb * batang berjuntai
5. Hobby? *online * hang out
6. Hair colour? * black
7. Eye colour? *black
8. Drink? *never
9. Smoke? * nope
10. Done Drugs? *never
11. Virgin? *of cos la
12. Favourite Drink? *teh tarik, mango juice, bandung soda
13. Favourite Food?* my mom laksa johor and nasi beriyani gham sambal tumis udang, satay n many2 more to list out
14. Favourite Cigarettes/Cigars? *cengkerik..
15. Whats your favourite number? *17,6,89
16. Favourite radio station? * hot fm, fly fm, emm suria fm-suria cinta..huhu
17. Favorite fast food restaurant? * kfc, mcd & pizza hut
18. Favourite fancy restaurant? *x minat
19. Favourite subject in school?* add math, bi and sejarah
20. Favourite band?* ungu,st12,
21. Favourite singer?* taufik batisah, afgan, faizal tahir
22. Favourite actor/actresses? *sharifah amani, marshanda, afdlin shauki , que haidar, fazura , rusdi ramli, aaron aziz
23. What is your shoe size?* 4/5/6
24. What is your favorite book? reaching for the stars, ps i love u, selagi ada dia
25. Are you a morning person or a night person? emm morning person
26. Favourite word? cipet, ala, babeng
27. Biggest fears? snake, height
28. Biggest weaknesses? sales, kadang2 bley jadi penyegan x tentu pasal
29. Bad habit? ego , kuat bercakap, hot tempered
30. Current mood? empty

Crap things

31. Are you gay/bi/lesbian? i'm straight k
32. Party or the Beach? bbq at the beach with all family members
33. Coke/pepsi? coke
34. Doggies or Kitties? kitties..
35. Shorts or Pants? jeans
36. T-Shirts or Long Sleeved? long sleeved..dress pon bley
37. House or Apartment? house..bley main kejar2
38. YM or MSN? ym
39. Lions or Tigers? i prefer gajah
40. Hairspray or Gel? minyak baby johson
41. Bath or Shower? air perigi shokkk
42. Shoes or Flip Flops? depends
43. Lipstick or Lipgloss? lipbalm
44. Pancakes or Waffles? waffles choc
45. Chris Brown or Usher? taufik batisah hahha
46. Pitbull or Daddy Yankee? sugar daddy
47. Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise? chad michael murray
48. Salt or pepper? both
49. McDonald's or Burger King? Mcd
50. CSI or Law and Order? neither
51. Battleship or Monopoly? monopoly
52. Will Farrell or Adam Sandler? adam sandler
53. Red or blue? pink
54. Apple juice or Orange juice? mango juice
55. Love or Lust? love?
56. When's the last time you had a headache? semalam migrain trokk
57. How do you feel right now? lonely
58. Does anyone call you baby? sum 1 ..dulu
59. Would you ever get a tattoo?? nope..n x teringin pon
60. What's the first thing you thought of this morning? aku pose ah ari ni..
61. What's something you really want right now? to open his heart,, and be closer to him
62. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? emm closed sejak bilek kene pecah msuk ari tu
63. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel? nope..abah slalu wat
64. Do you have freckles? nope
65. Do you always smile for pictures? yeah..senyum gedik..hhahahah
66. Do you chew your pens and pencils? by lagi makanan bley chew
67. What size is your bed? queen..sbb tdo ganas
68. What is your Song of the week? this week perpisahan from ashidy ridwan
69. Is it okay for guys to wear pink? depends
70. Do you still watch cartoons? x minat cartoon
71. Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine? x penah,, blom dpt offer agi..hahh
72. Best thing to eat for breakfast? my mom nasi goreng and lontong
73. What is your usual bedtime? 1am
74. Are you lazy? depends on my mood
75. What is your Chinese astrological sign? snake
76. Are you stubborn? bley diaktekan
77. Afraid of heights? kind of..bile naik monorail..
78. Can you curl your tongue? boleh
79. Can you swim well? not really ah..even dh water confident banyak kali
80. Can you hold your breath without holding your nose? boleh jek
81. Are you patient? depends
82. DJ or band, at a wedding? band pon best gak
83. What is your favorite lyric? dendam dalam diam by nora
84. Are you a fast or slow typer? quite fast gak
85. What is your most viewed website? facebook, friendster,blogger,myspace,
86. Do you hate anyone? dunno
87. Does anyone hate you? maybe
88. Do you like to get drunk? never try so mcm ne nk suke
89. Do you like the color black more than most colors? i love pink..colourful color
90. Your thoughts on our president........? lu pk ah sendiri
91. Would you rather travel to Europe or Australia? europe..20 days around europe dh cukop dh
92. Would you rather swim in the ocean or in a pool? ocean..pool sempit ah
93. Would you rather take a vacation to the ocean or a lake? ocean
94. What's better, the last day of school or your birthday? sme jek kot..
95. Would you skydive for $400? x kuase eh
96. What's worse: a headache or a stomach ache? headache migrain perit ohh
97. What's worse: a dentist appointment or a doctor's appointment? dentist
98. Do you like the smell of gasoline? nope
99. What's the first thing you do when you wake up? gosok gigi
100. What were you doing at 5pm yesterday? gi melawat kubur n bersihkan
101. Would you rather take a bus or a taxi? both pon bley
102. Would you shave your head for $500? nope..ade rambut pon buruk..botak lagi ah huduh
103. If you could have any car, what would you have? i love honda jazz wana pink
104. Would you rather go back to 1985 or forward to 2025? 2025 kot..dh jadi pe time tu eh
105. Are you sitting still right now? nope..x reti duk diam
106. What's cuter: a puppy or a kitten? kitten
107. The traffic light turns yellow. Do you accelerate or slow down? vroom rempuh jek ah
108. Batman or Superman? superman (faizal tahir)
109. What's your most embarassing moment? kene marah ngn pn afrinah pnolong kanan sbb kasut kotor dpn satu kelas..
110. What's worse: spiders or snakes? snake
111. When was the last time you cried? a month ago..i cry heavily smp bengkak mata..tekenang nasib diri
112. Can you use chopsticks properly? bley lah..
113. When was the last time you had to run? smalam
114. What did you do today? kemas bilek.and masak lunch walaupon diriku berpuase
115. Who is your most hated teacher? xde kot...benci2 biase jek ah..hhaha
116. TV or Internet? internet
117. Could you live without a TV? boleh
118. Could you live without the Internet?? nggak seyy
119. Do you have a Myspace? yup-
120. Do you have a Facebook?
121. What's the first thing you do when you go online? facebook
122. What's your favorite website? facebook
123. What browser do you use? mozilla firefox google chrome
124. What's your favorite bone in the human body? triseps
125. Would you rather win Survivor or American Idol? malaysian idol..hahah
126. Where would you rather live: Africa or India? south africa nak ah
127. Pirates or ninjas? pirate
128. Vampires or werewolves? vampire
129. What was the last thing you ate? roti cheese sahur td
130. Did you answer all of these honestly? yeah

Have you ever......

131. Made someone cry? yeah
132. Been online for more than 10 hours in a row? slalu jek
133. Been caught cheating? pernah
134. Have you ever got into trouble with the law? not yet
135. Have you ever fallen for your bff? nope
136. Have you ever felt alone? selalu
137. Have you ever had braces? tak pernah
138. Have you ever been in a physical fight? Did you win? never
139. Have you ever been to West Virginia? tak
140. Have you ever drank spoiled milk? pernah..tros muntah2
141. Have you ever broken a bone? tak
142. Ever watch soap operas? pernah
143. Ever have a Deja-vu feeling? pernah sumtimes
145. Ever take dance lessons? yup..kecik2 dulu..zapin n modern dance
146. Ever won a spelling bee? pernah amse drjah 1, 2 ,3
147. Have you ever cried because you were so happy? yeah
148. Ever been in love? yeah..first love..but it was really hurtt
149. Ever have plastic surgery? tak
150. Wet your pants? hahha..pernah
151. Coughed so hard you hurt your back? pernah
152. Dated someone shorter than you? emmmm mcm always i'm the shorter jek
153. Had a nightmare about drowning? pernah kot...
154. Snuck out? ponteng skolah blek umah..hhaha
155.Cheated on a bf/gf? pernah
156. Killed someone? lom agi
157. Hated someone but loved them at the same time? pernah
158. Tried killing yourself? nope..i love myself
160. Regret anything? pernah
161. Done something stupid? yeah..falling in luv with sum1 that doesnt deserve me
162. Thought someone crying was funny? yeah
163. Wanted someone to die? pernah
164. Cried over something dumb? yeah
165. Been in a fight? pernah..slalu gak kat skolah dulu
166. Been dumped? pernah
167. Missed somone? yeah..i miss him
168. Talked on the phone for 3 hours straight? yup..pedih telinge
169. Been to hospital? melawat orang pernah ah
170. Been kicked out of school? nope
171. Have you ever done something bad and you still havent told your parents?
172. Have you ever broke someone's heart? yeah 3 orang..sorry i've tried..but i dont love u
173. Have you ever done something a long time ago and just now regret it? nope..just let it go
174. Cried yourself to sleep? pernah
175. Fallen down the stairs? pernah..tergolek2 anjing
176. Ignored someone till they stopped talking to you for good? yeah
177. Met someone who changed your life? pernah
178. Broke up with someone to be with someone else? kapel pon x pernah
179. Told someone you were single and you really weren’t? nope
180. Flirt with people on chat lines while you are with someone? nope


181. How many friends do you have? ramai ah gak
182. How many best friends do you have? emmmm 2 jek kot
183. Do you trust your friends? some of them
184. If so, who? to many to list out
185. Are any of your friends straight? hampir semua straight
186. Are any of your friends Bi? rsenye xde. xtau ah kan
187. Do you tell your friends your secrets? emm sum of them..but i told all to my kazen
188. Who's the most hyper? farah
189. Funniest?pojan
190. Shyest?emm spe kot..hahahhaha
191. Sweetest? myself
192. Smartest? average jek
193. Weirdest? my kawan sblh aktil kat kem plkn dulu
194. Most gothic? ade ke goth
195. Loudest? dib..sore die satu kmj bley dgr
196. Quietest? hamizah
197. Who's your longest, known friend? ezzaty
198. How many years? dr 1996
199. The best memory with your friends? lepak2 kat cs makan2 tgk wyang shopping with all the gurls
200. How much do you love your best friends? sayang banget deyy


201. Love is.... someone u care, u miss and
202. Do you like someone? currently yeah
203.Do you show him or her that you like them? nope..ego lah..x bley buang
204. Do you LOVE someone? ya
205. When was the last time you were in love? em right now pon kot..i miss him
206. Do you still think about him/her? masih
207. Did you guys ever go to the next level? emm nope i think..die x tau pon
208. When do you mostly think about him/her? bile terdengar lagu flora cinta
209. How long do your relationships usually last? never been in relationship
210. How many girlfriends/boyfriends have you had? emm x penah yg steady
211. What do you look for in a guy/girl? emm understanding,, someone yg bley paham, sayang n time aku seadanya,sum1 yang bley guide me
212. Do your parents care if you have a partner? xtau ah..mak x kot
213. Do you love to flirt? not really..kawan jek bley ah
214. How tall should your partner be? tak kesah. but i prefer sum1 taller than me
215. What hair colour should they have? emm yang sesuai ngan muke die
216.What kind of personality should they have? honest, understanding, ade humor cket ah bru best
217.Older or younger? prefer older
218. Serious or carefree? somewhere in the middle.
219. Spontaneous or hesitant? spontaneous
220. Brutally honest or tight-lipped? honest...
221. Beautiful/handsome or intelligent? yang sedap mata memandang and smart
222. Should they make all the money? no
223. Do they need to cook? tahu basic ok gak
224. What is their best body part? muscle..hahahsuke badan mcm taufik
225. Desk job or physical labour? desk job
226. What car should they drive? x kesah
227. Who is your first love? my class mate kat kmj dulu
228. Do you have kids with this person? gile pe..pegang tangan pon x penah
229. Did you kiss? nope
230. Are you still in love with that person? not anymore
231. Do you still talk to him/her? lame gak x berbual..
232. How long did it last? one month jek..rahsia die dh terbongkar before we go further relationship
233. How do you feel about the relationship? bodoh jek..naseb bek x kapel lagi
234. Are you still involved with each other? nope
235. When is the last time you saw him/her? last day kat matrix
236. How old was he/she? 19
237. Would you date him again? ramai2 bley ah kot
238. Was this boring? lebih dari boring.
239. Did it bring back memories? bley lah
240. Last kiss? yesterday.
241. Last person that broke your heart? sum1
242. Do you have someone that you can spend the rest of your life??em didnt found yet
243. Are you in a relationship right now an if so are you happy? nope single and available
244. Are you currently hiding feelings about someone? yeah
245. Have you ever cheated on your partner? nope
246. Have you ever kissed someone for the first time and almost fainted? tak pernah
247. Have you ever loved 2 people at once? no
248. Ever had that butterfly feeling in your stomach? pernah
249. Do you get tired of these questions(trick)? penat gile..emm nak smbyang pastu tdo...letih ah
250. Is this the last question you'll answer? hopefully…

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