Saturday, January 8, 2011


yesss, good to be back in jb
yeah arrived back home at 1.30 am
glad to be home..
but my mom is quite unwell
so i have to take care of her
but i'm in fever right now..
n plus flu n cough..
please get me well
i need to do some other important thing
i have to sent my questionnaire to yeos company this monday
taking my driving class
study for mandarin test
plus supervisory mgmt slideshow for present
yeah yeah
som many things to do
n i have to submit
yeahhh relax dib
it may be the last semester to strive
before u go fo the internship

emm yesterday, i quite excited for internship
when i follow my friend dayah to sheraton imperial hotel
for sending the questionnaire
and i got a chance to interview his hr manager
which is so friendly and supportive plus handsome..
yeah but he's married..
there are so many incentive and reward when working at this hotel
yeah but the only thing its in kl..i dun like working in kl
but now i'm started to search the places for internship

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