Monday, January 17, 2011


yeah thats the end......

I've erased your number
I've deleted all your messages
throw ur YM into the trash

later on I will change my phone no..
dun worry bout that
I will keep my words n
I will not disturb ur life

the only things that i can't do
is to avoiding from meeting u
yeah but its only for this becoming three months
hope i have a strength
to cope with all this
yeah i'm hurt
my heart is broken
even it worst than before

but i promise to myself'
to stop crying for the useless thing
to stop hurting my self continuously
no matter what, i have to find the true myself
someone who is strong and keep holding on
in all the obstacles and circumstances,
someone who is egoistic and do not put any trust
from any liars out there

yeah...oh god i really rely on U
I don't want to lost focus
let me finish it what I've started
and pass it with flying colours
for the sake of my mom and my dad
just for themmmm

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