Tuesday, September 8, 2009


another one more week left for me to spend my days here in unisel before i'm going back to jb for hari raya...actually i dun know what exactly a date for me to go back home...can u imagine my lecturer still want to make a class on friday evening 17.9... its crazy man bile orang nak blek mcm tu..xkan petang raye kot...huhu dunno lah die sem it seems like hr student be da luckiest coz having an old timer lecturer with their old way to teach student....

its not so bad my days here in unisel..and last monday was the first time for me to go bersahur at cafe and it was fun..ramai orang macam berbuke puase..n i was surprised with guys especially bersahur makan mcm orang berbuke..mak ai banyak gile...huuhu

besides staying at home watching movies, open table, n masak2 we then going for a walk after berbuke so we berjalan2 ke pp menghirup udara segar n menikmati segelas air bandung..wahhhh seronok...bile lagi kan nak wat keje gile mcm tu..hahhaha

n now i really waiting patiently with my pt..bile nak masuk ni, i really need some money to pay my debt with abah n to buy books...huhu tension tension.....

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