Wednesday, September 9, 2009


nice day, nice date n nice month...huhu i know it just a no but tah lah dah jadi habit dr high skool dulu to wait for this special date to do sumthing special to remember of...huhu

but it seems that i dun find that lucky things i'm not lucky enough k...huhu
actually i dun know why lately its really hard for me to stay focus and concentrate in everything i do..especially during lecture hour..huhu maybe i'm homesick.. two weeks jek kat cni dh drive me crazy...huhu i'm not pampering myself tp seriously i really miss my abah, my mak, my kitten n everything at home...
every time pk what my mom do at home, what my kitten do..huhu i really miss that..everyday i counting days and write at my kuku malu white board to remind me how many days i'm going back home to jb..naseb baik this ramadhan tak rase sangat..sekejap jek dah 19 days kite puase..huhu another 11 days n only 2 days jek nanti dapat berbuke kat umah..

this sem sme lecture sme x nak kompromi bagi cuti awal for hari we have to wait until friday 17 sept to go back home...sedih jek kan...huhu tgk ah cuti extra ah lepas raye...huhu
another bape ari jek nak blek..n i'm counting patiently..huu

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