Thursday, September 3, 2009

freak out

i should say wow for the subject in this sem..huhu yesterday i just realised that i never search for the journal for my both subject Industrial relations and hr staffing n planning... learning this subject with miss erni really makes me feel tense and freak out..why i say it so..because we have two assignment,, for each literature review which is individual doing for an article, make a summary and present..huhu then we have another assignmnet which is by group...oh my gosh..hehehe tension siottt...
but i have to do it no matter what so just do it man.... n one more thing,, yesterday rajen gile gi library searching for the journal because first time show her my article kene reject.. so for the first time in my life gi library at night just to search for that particular article..then after penat merapu cari of my friend ajak gi jalan2 sbb dh lme x pusing unisel katenye..but one of my fren suggest to go karoeke near her house..but then suddenly change to karok at one of the shop at bb..and the karoeke shop was terrible man..hahha sadis sungguh...but diam x diam 4 lagu jugak aku lyan..hahahha nampaknye penyakit karoeke telah menjangkit ke badanku..huhuhu ni semue angkara bro n kak ros..huhu

see, trok kan keadaan kedai karoeke tu...

and tomorrow will be the day yang ade class for two favourite subject..hehhehe ir and staffing..huhu i think my hair will be smakin kembang ari ke ari kalo tiap2 ari mcm ni..huhuhuhu so dib be prepared strong bfore u freak out...xpenah rase mals nak gi kelas mcm ni but i feel it man in this semester