Saturday, September 12, 2009


I dreamt about him again…huhu ya allah, kenapalah bile kte nak lupekan die…makin lah kite teringat kat die…aduyaiiiii

Yeyeh finally I can decide when I wanna going back home to jb…this Tuesday I‘ll go to my cousin’s house in sepang to make some cookies for my abah.. I wonder why suddenly abah craving for cornflakes.. I’ve been alive for 20 years of my life and it was first time abah request to me to make cornflakes cookies for him. So this Tuesday my cousin n me will make a cookies for this becoming hari raya..

N we also plan to make our last min shopping at kl… I need to buy some scarf and brooch… I do plan to buy a scarf for my mom… if I get my loan before this hari raya bley lah do another last min shopping at jb…huhu but unfortunately I had called pt just now and they had told me that I can get my loan for another 14 days working days so it means after this hari raya….huhu

I really excited and counting forward to go back home…I want to learn to make some cookies so I can practice it at home…hehehhe so I can teach my mom to make some cookies for the next hari raya… n now we are in 22nd day of puase..Huhu n this Thursday I will going back home to jb with my bro, so I’ll get a chance to have air khatira for buke puasa..yippie..finally after spending two weeks here really make me sick of thinking of what to have for breaking fast n now I’m back to celebrate hari raya with my family…

Evn though I dun hav any kampong because I can’t consider going back to Singapore as my kampong…but I do excited to meet my all my relatives there… hari raya is the day where all my aunties, uncles and cousins are gathering up to celebrate…n to collecting duit raya…tue2 pon dpt agi k…hehehehhe so will updating soon for preparation for hari raya…

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