Friday, September 4, 2009


finally in this stressful semester 4 i found sumthing that might be interesting and can be my inspiration to study .... what is that?? for the first time i love the way this lecturer taught us for the subject business communication 3....i love this subject very much because it was actually one of my dream to further my study in mass communication course but I suddenly change to hr when i apply for in unisel...

talking about this subject for this semester finally i found the lecturer who makes this subject becomes more interesting and fun in class.. n she never fail to make me bored in class..seriously thumbs up for her for makes my friday worth it... enough for that

talking about my group assignment for subject industrial relation i have to find a company who has a trade union... n unfortunately i can rely on my abah because his company doesnt have a trade I've thinking of my aunty who works in Malaysia airlines as one of the manager at hr maybe i can seek for her help..huhu but it seems that I'm da only one who really 'excited" about that compares to my other two group membe yg wat dek jek....huh dunno what to say i just feel that i should complete all the task earlier because i know its not the easy task..we have to interview the hr manager and the union manager for that particular company.. n its not easy to set an appointment to meet them personally for an interview..n plus we have four assignment..two assignment individual and two group assignment..huhu n now i really needs my parents supports as a senior of hr manager to guide me in order for me to be a hr manager in the making...

and i really hope i can cope with all this and score for this semester because it seems that i found it as the stressful semester i ever had so far..maybe because i am already in year 2 so a lot of things that i"ve to learn for the future..i just hope everything will be fine.. ya allah, i really need a strength and patient to stay calm and settle all this matter smoothly and successfully

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