Friday, September 18, 2009

hari raya cookies

finally, i had pass to bake some cookies for this hari raya...thanx to my aunties and my cousins who teach me to make some cornflakes cookies and chocolate chip for this hari raya..hahahha n i'm so glad that my dad like it..yeah because i learn to make some cookies for this hari raye is because of his request...
two days before i'm going back home to cousin n i went to Sogo, Jalan TAR, and MID VALLEY to do some last min i had bought some orange tshirt heheh actually that particular brand for teenagers below 17years old..heheh 3 scarf, one for my mom, brooch, and the most wanted things that i've dream to buy is crocs sneakers for this hari raya..huhu

n now busy to clean up my room, hanging up the curtains , mop and so on..tomorrow will be busy to anyam ketupat..hehe actually x pandai pon anyam just tolong sambung ape yg my m0m dh wat...huhu

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