Monday, July 6, 2009


oh my god, now i realize that exam is just around da corner and i still not prepare anything for it..huhu its only about two weeks time for me to struggle and work hard. even though its only 2 paper for this sem but i cant take it for granted..i have to study hard and score for at least 3.5 and above..huhu

'Ya Allah, please make me stronger, not to be hurt 4 small things and not 2 be shaken..
I've to be strong and strive for excellence. i have to be more focus in my study... i will spend my two weeks time for study and revise all the chapters... no more homesick, huhu no more go back home, i have to spend my weekend in unicell and study..insyaAllah and i will do my best in my exam..wish me luck dude...

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