Thursday, July 23, 2009

end of semester 3

yeyeyehh...12 at noon..ting paper hr times up means that's the end of semester 3..huhu
and paper hr was really sucks man.... tak tau ah ape yg aku merepek huhuhu...more tougher than the past year..really hope can score for that least for 3 pointer and above..huhu

i will miss the moment with my housemate in sem3.. next sem dpt new roomate and new housemate..huhu... x tau ah dpt mcm ne..but house mate sem 3 best sangat..banyak keje gile yg kiteorg wat sme2..huhu gelak2 , tgk movie, gosip, gaduh ngan jiran sebelah..sme tu memori yg x dpt dib lupe kat korang...huhuhu

emmm esok subuh2 i will going back to jb..ngan kak ros n bro..huhu so excited sbb rase dh lme x blek jb..huhu about three weeks dh..pecah rekod tu..k lah will update later...

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