Friday, July 10, 2009

best moment

a chance to meet him in person was such a wonderful experience I've ever had...even though we have to wait about one and da half hour but i think its worth for me.. I don't care what other people might say about him, or critics about him but he such a great debater. i love the way he talk, his confidence level was so great man...huhu the way he answer the question, and so on was so fantastic...n please ni bukan "taksub" kepada die mcm ade orang ckp tu but itu atas sikap kagum kepada seseorang pemimpin... tu kan hak asasi manusia...

the best moment, bile dapat salam and cium tangan die amek berkat..even though ramai orang berebut untuk salam die at last i've got a chance to ask for an autograph and salam amek berkat..he was so sweet...walaupon penat melayan kerenah orang but he still smile and entertain people..thats the best thing about him...thanx for mpp unisel kerana menganjurkan aktiviti yang berfaedah macam ni baru lah rase best nak pergi..huhu

and there are some picture yang sempat diamek while waiting for him..ehhehe
camera whores...huhu

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