Monday, July 20, 2009

a day before exam,..

while other people busy study for pengajian islam for final exam this monday..i was busy doing something crazy stuff with my kazen..we hang out and eating like crazy... from nasi goreng, to roti john, then satay and supper we had mee goreng mamak with teh tarik yang sangat kauuu..huhuu a whole day in putrajaya on friday then saturday evening we went to malacca... ikan bakar and fresh seafood in umbai at night..whooaaaahh..makan jek kje..

the sunday at noon we went to zoo malacca..emm riding da horse,,, bird watching, and taking some photos was da best moment..emm wat macam rase x bersalah padahal esok nak exam..huhuhu
but i still bring my books and notes to study...reading notes while waiting for the food and when everybody was sleeping..huhu

alhamdulillah..i am quite satisfied with my paper pengajian islam..bley gak lah jawab walaupon ade gak yg blur2...huhu really hope i can score a..insyaallah...


mushariff said...

salam..emm..sempat berjalan nyer...

Adiba zehan said... kazen sya punye keje..x psal2 kene bwk nota gi zoo tau..huhu