Thursday, July 9, 2009

17th of ramadhan

wahh now we are in the middle of ramdhan...17 th of week left for me to spend my weekend here in unisel....i dun know when exactly the date i should going back home for hari business comm lecturer's said that she still want to make a class on friday 17.9 huhu no man everybody was busy to go back home n u still want to make class... x kan malam raye bru nak blek umah kot..huhu

nothing much i can do for this weekend... bazar pon x banyak yang bukak so just beli lauk pauk n tinggal masak nasi jek untuk berbuke..huhu for the first time this week makan nasi for berbuke...huhu i lost 3 kg for this ramdhan but still tidak mencapai target lagi...i can lose my weight 3 kg for a week but i can gain another 3 kg for only 3 days...huhu cobaan lagi2 bile blek umah...huhu

n just now i just got back from cafe because my housemate ajak gi bersahur kat cafe ari ni..n guess what for the first time bersahur kat ramainye orang mcm gi berbuke puase..meriah sungguh..guy especially makan nasi n lauk pauk mcm berbuke puase...marvellous n we just had roti telor bawang with my teh tarik..huhu best gak skali skala bersahur kat luar..huhu
n tomorrow opss today is a holiday..nuzul quran so i just spend my time at home n maybe start to do my assignment huhu sesungguhnye this sem lah paling banyak individual assignment + grup assignment..but xpe dib u can do it gurl...huhu i have to work hard in order to achieve my dreams right..

because "if u really put ur mind into it u will make ur dreams come true"

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