Thursday, June 18, 2009

s.w.e.e.t 20

i'm 20 right now... and i would like to thank to all the wishes and phone calls from my family, my colleague, my plkn buddies, my matrixs, my facebook friends, friendster and too many to list out..really appreciate it...may all my wishes will come true..insyaallah...n to my friend,who make a special card for me and who bought me a cake thank u so much...luv ya all so much..

i'm going back home to clbrate my bday with my family..i miss them damn much..huhu
turning to 20 maybe makes me think to be more matured right now and to take serious in everything i do... huhu n maybe i want to be more independent right now..survive in my own world...

emm i gtg..having a class in the wonderful morning until late evening from 8.30 am until 6 pm only..huhu. see ya

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