Monday, June 8, 2009

back to unicell

Arriving unisel 5.38 pm on Sunday 7th of june 2009, nothing much to say bout my new roommates, looks okay. But I dun know. She looks a lil bit weird; she doesn’t want to open a window n I was like having a ‘great time’ sauna and oven in my own room… I think I don’t need to put on diet because it’s already burn up my calories...Huahahuahauhauahau emm I can’t imagine I’ve to been through for about one month and the half. And it’s enough for me to make my life more terrible here..

I will start my lesson tomorrow and I have to cover up all chapters that I’ve left it all along when I went back to jb. And now I think I need to find my new resolution because I’ve read something just now ‘success will not come to you, you will get it when u know how to get it,n u have to work for it…

Oh my god, my migraine attacks me and I wonder why it always attacks me when I were in unicell..erkh its really pain and I think I should get some rest..

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