Tuesday, June 23, 2009


emm back to unicell means back to open the books..huhu i have test this thursday and friday..erkh no time to play anymore..huhu
and now i was so tired and exhausted..a whole day walking, hiking around da kl will make my muscle cramp..huhu good exercise i think and now my migraine attacks me..huhu maybe because of the weather huhu.. i miss raining..three days raining in jb makes my life wonderful..huuuhu
i really spend my weekend this week, i went out with my schoolmate yesterday, shopping, chatting and taking picture..huhu really miss the moment..and i want to wish all my good friend in school congratulation and good luck in ur future..I'm proud and be hepy of u to further ur dgree in ur fav university with ur fav course..huhu last but not least to my cousin aliah, congrat for the hard and don't be homesick k..hahhahahha

i need a rest right now, my leg is pain, my head is ache..i think i should take a nap now..see ya

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