Sunday, June 28, 2009


I'm tired of crying..crying for someone that does not deserves my tears... and I'm fighting with myself Trying to get you out of my head because i don't want to be stupid for thinking sum1 that never appreciate me..Tired of trying,Sick of crying,
Yeah I'm smiling,but inside I'm dying...only God knows what i really feel right now.. I'm letting him go from my life..because I'm sure there are no ways for us. we are not meant to be goodbye for u


Olamikhx said...

Try to put it off ur mind, He's never meant 4u coz if he's 4u, he will never go, he'll have love u d way u do, care 4u, admire u and wished to be with u 4eva.

Cry no more, coz it brings more pains, be urself, be courageous, honest, and determined. surely, Allah'll direct d right guy to u and u'll feel on top of d whole world.

These are my little words 4u.

Put urself together and leave ur life to d fullest, if He go, it means he's not d best 4u, He'll surely come back if he's 4u.



Adiba zehan said...

thanx horla..yeah n now i just wait for mr right guy to come to me not for me to find him n seek for love..huhu