Sunday, June 21, 2009


the most happiest thing in my life is when I'm spending my time with my lovely family. eating ice cream together, watching tv, playing with my nephew,eating and eating again..hehehhe from laksa johor to asam pedas, then durian... today will be soto daging, tomorrow will be udang sweet sour..its all bout food... rugi ko abg jat x blek...hehehehhe and plus abah bwk blek manggis and rambutan dr kg..huhu
best gilerrrrrr....

emm and today is the father's day.' happy father's day abah.. i love u so much and u are the best abah in the world..the one who always beside me in my ups and downs and no one can replace u in my heart...i promise to work hard and become a successful human resource manager one day like u abah..hahahhaha.

p/s: dedicate the song untitle ' yang terbaik bagimu' from ada band to my abah...huhu

Yang Terbaik Bagimu - Ada Band

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