Monday, December 13, 2010

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our friendship begin during orientation week in unisel, during kuliah maghrib at masjid unisel..sungguh mulia perkenalan kami..
same as me came from matric,and then become a close frend..then a housemate...
now , time to write 25 things about myself

♥my full name Adiba zehan noran
♥zehan is combination of zaharah n noran
♥was born on17th of june 1989, hosp sultanah aminah jb
♥gemini, year-snake
♥i have two elder brother, youngest daughter in family
♥happyland kindergarden, sk taman pelangi, smk (p) sultan ibrahim, plkn kem sembrong, matric johor then unisel
♥favourite colour-pink, black, turquoise and purple
♥love eating,shopping, blogging, talking. lepaking and fb
♥love english, n maths
♥my family was a most precious thing i had
♥die hard fan of taufik batisah n lisa surihani
♥my dream- to graduate with the outstanding cgpa, n be the successful hr manager
♥love to eat ice cream n chocolate when i was down n out
♥i wish to turn back time to my first love story even though its impossible..
♥ my love story was complicated, and sad story ending...
♥-ve part- egositic, stubborn, moody and sumtimes sensitive
♥+ve- love cooking, caring, loving, a good friend....
♥ teh tarik is the must
♥hate backstabbers, gedikss, stalker ,snatcher
♥dont do sumthing that u dislike other people to do to you..what goes around comes around..what u give u will get back
♥ hate to be heartbroken..because it really hurt me n need a longest time to heal..
♥just got my L license- L hahhaahahha..L for lembap, lemah lembut
♥always pray for my mom's health.. i dun like to look her sick and hospitalized..
♥hope to meet new love, everlasting love
♥ i want to be a better person , a better life..tomorrow n future

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